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Fear of becoming a father has its explanation

Most men postpone procreation not because you are not sure in your second halfRepresentatives of the stronger sex simply afraid of change. For example, the fact that a new baby will not be able to lead a normal lifestyle, become couch potatoes and will grow a tummy. No less can be scary and changing roles in the family, lack of time to communicate with the woman.Responsible, men experience more for the financial side of the question

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Today is the birthday of Russian cartoon

8 APR 1912 premiere of the first domestic animated film "Beautiful Lucanid"Of course, for 105 years, there have been many wonderful animated pictures, and then, in 1912, the audience was shocked by what he saw. They were sure that the characters of the movie live trained insects. This genre, as animation did not exist. The author of the innovator who invented a new technology is Vyacheslav Starevich.The day of Russian animation has a 2012 and has become an annual celebration

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Skate it like Beckham: put the child on a two-wheeled bike

Катайся как Бекхэм: сажаем ребенка на двухколесный велосипед looked at the success of Harper Beckham and learned how to help baby learn the first bikeDavid Beckham, like most parents around the world, is most proud of the accomplishments of their children. And because last week the athlete was quick to show off the new skills his daughter Harper.Published in the social network video David Beckham revealed how his five year old daughter boldly dissects a two-wheeled Bicycle without rear support wheels along the Avenue in the Park

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How stars spend maternity leave

Как звезды проводят декретный отпуск remember celebrities, who prefer to give birth far away from the MotherlandAlsouSinger 10 August 2016 became a mother for the third time. For childbirth, she chose a prestigious clinic located in the heart of tel Aviv. Eight years ago in the same medical center Alsou gave birth to her daughter Michelle. The singer left Russia in the early summer. And his 33rd birthday, which occurred on June 27, she was noted already in Israel

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What should be lent for children

Каким должен быть Великий пост для детей

It turns out, does not have to give up animal protein. There are other ways to fast these daysLately, more and more people in our country are believers. Someone just baptized and attends Church on holidays. Someone refers to this more seriously, fulfilling all the Orthodox canons.The most difficult challenge for an Orthodox person is lent, which lasts seven weeks. It implies not only the refusal of food, but also a righteous life these days, daily prayer and repentance

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Students will be encouraged to give birth during the study

The Ministry of education offers to translate young mothers with commercial training on a budgetThe Ministry of education and science has prepared a decree according to which students who give birth while studying in the University or College will be able to transfer from paid form of education on budget places

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Children can't give in during the game

In adulthood they can get serious psychological trauma, faced with the lossAmerican psychologists and educators have conducted several studies and found that children in any case can not "play the giveaway". Such tactics of communication with the child use 40 percent of parents.As a result, their children have mental problems and upbringing

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"Eat a spoonful of mother": we are forced to hurt our children

«Скушай ложечку за маму»: мы сами заставляем болеть наших детей

WomanHit found four mistakes parents who forget that all children are different1. "Finish at the bottom of all power!" — well, who ever heard this from your grandma if dad?And one of the parents faced with the fact that in this last child's spoon climbs, and you shoved? And the result on the floor...You can't force a child to eat more than he wants to and can. Thus, he'll never experience the feeling of hunger. But if he didn't finish and asks for more, it is possible to give a Supplement

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Maxim Trankov: "at First it was a terrible surprise: here's Tanya with the stomach, and now I have a child on my hands"

Максим Траньков: «Поначалу было страшное удивление: вот Таня с животом, и вот у меня на руках ребенок»

Skater told how it feels after the birth of her daughterTwo-time Olympic Champions in figure skating Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov 16 Feb became parents a long-awaited daughter. The girl was born in suburban hospital. contacted Maxim trankovym and found out how it feels a new father.— Maxim, you already know that your life has changed?— Already understand

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Pregnancy during pregnancy — sometimes

It turns out that a woman can get pregnant again while carrying the first babyThe cases of simultaneous pregnancy within a few weeks or months, rare, but possible. Under certain circumstances the female body may fail, and ovulation occur during pregnancy. This phenomenon is called "superfemale".As a result, in the female body to grow and develop two fruit that are not dependent on each other. Doctors with some frequency record such cases. Not all of them, alas, become the property of science

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