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Operation "School": what you need to study in the XXI century

Операция «Школа»: что нужно для учебы в XXI веке

With the help of the expert-the psychologist Olga Romaniv collected rules shopping before the first of September, and learned about the gadgets that can be useful to studentsLast year in preparation for the beginning of the school year the average Moscow schoolboy's parents could spend a little more than six thousand rubles. This promises a slight increase in prices. But experts say that have to spend not less than ten thousand. And this is when the ability to save

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6 tips on how to cope with wounds and bruises in a child

6 советов, как справиться с ранами и ссадинами у ребенка

Mom needs to be ready for anythingIn the summer the baby more opportunities to run and play outside. His hands and feet are almost always open, and therefore, abrasions and bruises on them to avoid possible. They should not be afraid, and should just be able to give first aid to your child. as the prompt.InjuryWho of us in childhood did not beat swing? Or fled, fell, hit his is a frequent and regular trauma to the child

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5 things that bring harm

5 вещей, которые приносят ребенку вред

Not always the producers I consult with doctorsWhen the family appears kid, parents are willing last penny to spend to buy him the best and need. Alas, this is often used by unscrupulous manufacturers in pursuit of only their own benefit. learned from doctors that some of the things for children do more harm than good

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Pregnancy calendar — benefits and features

To monitor the progress of pregnancy should not only doctors, but also the future mother herselfDuring the entire pregnancy calendar pregnancy will help to adjust the expectant mother the diet of its food, stick to healthy and proper lifestyle and to be sure that the fruit is developing exactly as it should and not to worry without a good reason.Most convenient to do pregnancy calendar by weeks. It can even facilitate the doctor's supervision over a condition of expectant mothers.Week No

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5 tips on how to share personal space with a baby

5 советов, как разделить личное пространство с ребенком

It's not selfish — mother is also a manWhile I was little, my mom didn't work and spent all her time with me. As a child, I was spoiled and capricious. And again, that the Pope, who demanded a dinner, companionship, love and affection. At some point the mother became ill, called an ambulance. The doctor said that if you don't leave her alone, she'll die. I was taken to my grandmother and mother slept for three days, she had a breakdown

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Motherhood as a reason for the development of

Contrary to popular belief, the intelligence of women is not decreasing after birth and may grow significantlyLet's start with the fact that the appearance of the child, especially the first — is stressful for women. To learn how to care for the baby, choose the right things for him, toys to grasp the rules of complementary foods, requires enormous mental effort.Besides, the child is a person with whom it is impossible to plan anything

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5 tips for parents from kids

We do spoil them, and then cryTip # 1.Sometimes the children themselves are asked to limit them in any way. But, really, pulling the baby with toys, we cover his childhood, and he don't need it. The baby just distracting, he can't concentrate on one thing. And then we complain to girlfriends: he's destroying everything, she has no favorite doll.Tip # 2. Talk with your child as with an adult. It is the same full member of the family

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Why childfree think about the children

Spring — not a good time for sensitive people, when even those who are trying to do logical things, you can expect eccentricities. And sometimes it's more than a new hair colorWell, the conversations they have! Listening and sometimes blushed, which previously has ever happened to me. But before long my wife and not thinking about the strong and effective embryos the sperm with the glint in his eyes, as if it was on the menu, decent places

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Everything you need to know about nutrition student

Все, что нужно знать о правильном питании школьника considered the recommendations of nutritionists and drew up a plan of proper nutrition for children and possibly their parentsChildren increasingly eat the same as modern adults. All on the run, snacking, sweets, dinner, fast food... And if the adults at least suffer remorse from this power, the children sometimes just don't know how to eat correctly

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