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That give children of stars?

Что дарят детям звезд?

Newborns usually receive a gift of a silver spoon on the first tooth, soft toys, educational rugs... And that give children born in the families of famous parents?Wardrobe for the little fashionistaIt so happened that Julia Proskuryakova gave birth without her husband Igor Nikolaev. The eighth of October, Veronica was born while her dad was busy at the festival "New wave" in Sochi. Due to the busy schedule Nikolaev even flew directly to their favorite girls

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At the Pashkov House was a ball for children left without parental care

At the end of November in Moscow, in the Pashkov House took place the third children's charity ball "Half a day".This is a joint program of the project and its partners for social adaptation of children left without parental care. It was attended by over 200 children from institutions for orphans and children in difficult life situation, Moscow and Moscow region aged from 13 to 18 years

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Gifts don't have to be perfect

But they become so when they are gifted to relatives and friends.What should be the gift? Touching, memorable, geeky desire to keep and cherish for years to come. It can be anything, but in order to become the most favorite, it is not necessary to be perfect.Children have not lost the ability to believe in miracles, and therefore so eagerly waiting for the New year, and with it magical gifts are nice to give and receive

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Where live and study children of stars?

Где живут и учатся дети звезд? find out which countries are educated the offspring of Russian celebritiesThe other day the eldest son of actress Evelina Bledans, 21-year-old Nicholas, for the first time he visited his mother after years of life abroad. First, the young man studied in Switzerland and now lives in Israel. remember other stars whose children have scattered to different countries and continents

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World without tears

Мир без слез

Positive emotions are important for a recovery of not less than good treatmentCharity events, projects, programs – today it is a very serious, important, significant task – to help those who really need it. Especially – children. To help every sick child in individually. But you can create conditions that will help many many people. And this is the project "World without tears".This long-term charitable program designed to support the major children's hospitals across Russia

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Father's madhouse: the star's parents with a bad reputation

Отчий дурдом: звездные родители с плохой репутацией

Madonna, Tom cruise, Kate moss and other celebrities, involved in scandals because of the childrenClarify the relationship that began before the New year between Madonna, her ex-husband guy Ritchie and their son Rocco, continue. The public has divided into two camps. Some Express the hope that the prodigal son will return to the singer. Other all of the incident blame the artist. find out the details and find out what other stars were called bad parents

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7 surprises for new moms

Expert Maria Dyachkova — what no one prepares a pregnant womanCan't resist sharing a thought on the subject. There are so many lately speaks to me with similar requests of young women who became mothers. After a whirlwind of congratulations on motherhood and “the beginning of everything beautiful” from loved ones, associates and even sites on the Internet, a young mother begins the most interesting, difficult, and most importantly - something that it has never been prepared

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Not in service, and in friendship: 5 tips from the trainer

Who of us in childhood did not try to teach your pet to give paw and other, more sophisticated teams? Trainer dogs Tatiana Makarova, working at the Circus of Dancing Fountains "aquamarine", knows how to negotiate with your four-legged friends"1. The main point of training - the task must be feasible: it is useless to teach an elephant to fly, it is useless to teach a dog cross stitching.2. It is important to choose the reinforcement

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Learn to do magic tricks

Учимся делать фокусы

Coming spring break. Something to do with the favourite child in your spare time? advised to go to the magical world of illusions A practical guide to the world of magic from a magician in the Circus of Dancing Fountains "aquamarine" Taichi Khan. Master reveals the secrets of two tricks that you can replicate at home.So, props simple and accessible – stick, a spoon, a coin

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