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Accessories, with which you will be fashionable

Аксессуары, с которыми вы будете модной

When there is no time on careful produmyvanie the image to look decent will help a few accessories that you should have every womanMuch of this list is shoes that can make interesting even the most boring costume. For example, a good service you can render mules, shoes with wide heels and white ankle straps are also quite useful. Wide and slim, classic and extravagant — they make a wonderful addition to clothes and if necessary, highlight "Luca".Instagram

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Seals became a timeless classic

Clothing and accessories depicting these mustache and stripes do not lose their relevance for many yearsThis love for miniature felines are not accidental. First, we like to associate themselves with graceful and always free animals. Second, wearing a t-shirt with a cat, we protect ourselves from the evil eye. At least, it was believed by the ancient Egyptians

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Embroidery and POM-poms are coming back into fashion

Вышивка и помпоны возвращаются в моду

It is not about the POM-poms on baby hats, and adult stylish thingsTo dress simple but not boring — that is, perhaps, the main principle of modern fashion. Could not be better corresponds to the trend in the POM-POM and embroidered items of clothing.Surely, you have not just met girls in sweaters decorated with playful pompoms. But this is not the only place where they can be useful

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Kazakhs win for himself the image of clever and beautiful

Казашки завоевывают себе имидж умниц и красавиц

Beautiful girls in this country are everywhere: on the catwalks and on the streets of citiesOn the eve of the Kazakhstan fashion Week. Came to her the Russians were surprised not only by the quality of the collections of local fashion designers, but also the appearance of Kazakh women.Kazakh girls literally radiate beauty. They are neat, well-kept, most of them have toned figures and do not neglect the makeup

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Underwear style is suitable not only young girls

Designers have created a set of recommendations for wearing fashionable underwear style for women over 30When we are 30, we are still young and willing to experiment, but are forced to keep up appearances and meet the expectations of colleagues and relative. Therefore, to introduce to your wardrobe is fashion trends with some caution.For example, it is better to exercise caution during the development of the linen style

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Create the French way on the Russian open spaces

Создаем французский образ на российских просторах

To achieve the elegance characteristic of the French, proposed to add to the wardrobe of their favorite thingsThe French though are a model of femininity, frequently put things in men's style. For example, to warm them in cool weather, most often black or dark blue blazer in a boxy cut. Instead, you can use also a perfectly fitting leather biker jacket or coat with a leopard print.From the male wardrobe should get a classic white shirt or blue

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White jeans are a perfect choice for summer

Белые джинсы — прекрасный выбор для лета

All about what style to choose and what to wear with white jeansWe all love jeans. We wear them for a walk, out and home even. But, as a rule, we choose the options of blue or black. They seem easy to match with other wardrobe items.But, apparently, white jeans can be just as versatile. Especially in the summer. They give the same comfort that dark but do not look so heavy.With what combine white jeans? Yes, with anything

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The hidden meaning of turtleneck

This article of clothing can tell a lot about its ownerTurtleneck sometimes seems boring and very unattractive thing. We put them in the far corner of the wardrobe. But it is absolutely not deserved. Many rich and famous people love turtlenecks and give them preference in comparison with other types of clothing. For example, Apple founder Steve jobs always appeared in public in a simple black turtleneck.This choice is made was not in vain

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In the spring and summer of 2017 in the fashion handbag simple forms

Весной-летом 2017 года в моде сумки строгих форм

Bags-bags have finally superseded products on the frameThis frame can be rigid or semi-rigid. But, in any case, the fashion bag of the season spring-summer 2017 should not fundamentally change its shape depending on what it is.Choose the severe business bag is optional. There are plenty of more casual options (including suitable for wearing over the shoulder) that meet the requirements of fashion experts

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Get rid of outdated trends

Избавляемся от устаревших трендов

Some things, trendy one or two season ago, it is time to throw out or hide in a drawerThe most important thing is to stop wearing chokers. Even if you have accumulated several dozen different textures, colors, etc. this Fashion accessory was very short-lived. Diversify your daily is best for the necklace multiple chains. They can be made of metal of the same color and made of metals of different shades.Tired and active bras with a push up. They began to represent sexuality and vulgarity

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