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Diamond jewelry is expensive! Myth or reality? - Lifestyle -

Украшения с бриллиантами дорогие! Миф или реальность? - Стиль жизни -

Diamond. The first mention of this gem stirs our imagination with images of the incredibly beautiful and expensive jewelryApril 23, 2019 09:253160But if your diamond jewelry? Or is it a myth?In the jewelry market to dispel this myth come from specialists of the company "EPL. Yakutian diamonds", has created a special collection with diamonds "MUST HAVE".Behind this decision stood unwavering desire to make a precious stone, won millions of hearts, available to everyone

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Hide wide hips - lifestyle -

Скрываем широкие бёдра - Стиль жизни -

Images from the stylists who make a figure proportionalKsenia Парфенова19 April 2019 16:358370Even large buttocks, you can hide, if you know a few of fichetto: pixabay.comNo wonder the artist Leonardo da Vinci calculated the ideal prototype of the individual — "Vitruvian man". So everyone will know what height and build should be perfect in all respects a sample. Truth in life each of us is born imperfect: some are too broad shoulders, others have a short neck and so on

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Most feminine Shoe - lifestyle -

Самая женственная обувь без каблука - Стиль жизни -

Do not believe those who assure you of the necessity of heels in the wardrobe. talk about the models which will instantly transform youMaria Блавацкая17 APR 2019 15:3435080the heel is not so, actualmente: girls can not decide what is better — comfortable, but not feminine ankle boots, or super pretty, but uncomfortable stiletto heels. Down with stereotypes! We picked for you the models which do not have to compromise

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Suit — new trend of the season - lifestyle -

Костюм — новый тренд сезона - Стиль жизни - what should be the ideal fashionsKsenia Парфенова16 APR 2019 15:5914580follow fashion, namephoto: pixabay.comStill think the suit is boring office uniforms that restrict movement and cannot be combined with any article of clothing? Stylists you put "2" on the knowledge of fashion in 2019 every girl needs to stock up on costumes of different styles and colors to keep up with the trends. In our material four trends of the season in the examples of star images

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Choose the Palazzo pants and bags - lifestyle -

Выбираем брюки-палаццо и сумки мешки - Стиль жизни - learned how to wear the major trends of the coming seasonElena Ржевуская17 APR 2019 15:1812620What to wear with Palazzo pants?Photo: rangeFor several seasons we see a triumphant return of the nineties era. Apogee fashion comeback — bags-bags, and bulk sacks on the tape. Distinctive feature — multiple knots, fringes, ties and other recognizable accessories. You can combine even with a business suit, even with an evening dress

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Our know: Russian fashion designers in Europe - lifestyle -

Знай наших: российские модельеры в Европе - Стиль жизни -

In Madrid held a fashion show included in the Guinness book of records. Among the participants were designer from RussiaLyudmila Савкина13 APR 2019 06:506031materials of press-servicesThe show, which was held in Spain, is not easy, and record. He entered the Guinness book of records as the longest fashion show with the maximum amount released on the catwalk models (375)

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How to dress fashionable and not freeze - lifestyle -

Как одеться модно и не замерзнуть - Стиль жизни - will help to make stylish imagesKsenia Парфенова11 April 2019 11:346120Put on a thin jacket under photofoto: pixabay.comIn the spring the weather is changeable, so sometimes to pick up clothes becomes difficult. If in Europe the weather holds in the limit× 15-20 degrees, in Russia, the thermometer sometimes falls below zero. We offer several fashionable bows that are suitable to our climate zone which will not let you freeze

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