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The history of sunglasses: from antiquity greetings

It turns out that this fashion accessory for thousands of years!Half face, a bit ridiculous round, chameleons, graceful cat, is absolutely impenetrable — it's all about sunglasses. Today, dark glasses is not a luxury but a necessity, not only for the inhabitants of the metropolis. Sportsmen and farmers, rescue workers and astronauts, welders and explorers have long made this fashionable accessory is part of their professional uniform

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Our in Cannes: what is the Russian star win festival

Наши в Каннах: в чем российские звезды покоряют фестиваль

Elena Lyadova chooses conciseness, and Victoria Bonya — the outrageousIf professional victory in Cannes are still exotic for the most part, the Russian film industry, to dress up our stars have learned. And sometimes they get it, in General, not worse than foreign counterparts. chose three different but interesting in their own dresses, in which the Russian star has appeared on the red carpet in Cannes

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How to emphasize the strength and femininity of clothes?

Как подчеркнуть силу и женственность одеждой?

Expert Karina Efimova shares his tricks of the wardrobe, which will help turn figure flaws into continues the series where Karina Efimova, expert at creating an authentic wardrobe, gives advice to each individual reader, who turned to her for help. Today, our heroine Maria: "I never listen to third party advice. When everything was organic — which managed to get it, and wore. Parents are artists, so tastefully as something like that normally. And then

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Denim the question about the actual cut of the pants

Джинсовый вопрос — об актуальном крое брюк find out which models are the beloved denim are considered the favorites this seasonJeans will never go out of fashion, but the relevance of these styles of trousers from the beloved fabric it is worth checking with the seasons. Now move the shortened model with the decor, boyfriend-style and jumpsuitsCome back into fashion jeans sky blue hues that were popular the ' 70s, godette: Instagram

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Galoshes history: past and present rubber shoes

История галош: прошлое и настоящее резиновой обуви studied the strange footwear from a different angle and found out where she came from and what fashion fate awaits her in the very near futureGaloshes what kind of shoes! No laughter will not look right. Yes, and sayings on these ridiculous shoes made of rubber, not really paint their reputation. "Villages in the galosh" — so say about a person's goof caught in a ridiculous situation. In short, galoshes — just perfect "hero" for the month of laughter, APR

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How to wear the national dress

Как правильно носить национальную одежду

Expert Karina Efimova gives important advice to lovers of the racy imagesHow can modern to wear national dress? How to introduce national elements in the closet? How to sovremenie national dress? In fact, today's three questions can be reduced to one comprehensive — how to wear the national dress in the modern world?Costumes and accessories can be non-trivial and interesting solutions in creating the image

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All about trench — coat on the main spring

First the warmer months — it's time to choose a trench coat is a classic coat with modern elements. Leather inserts? An unusual color? Why not!Trench — a thing universal, suitable for any wardrobe. The thing is that to combine this coat is a pair of jeans and ironed trousers and sexy pencil skirt. Canonical light beige trench, brand Burberry sung, perfectly mix with plaid scarves, kerchiefs and scarves, gloves and trends spring-summer 2016

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Trends spring 2016: mesh, and asymmetrical pleating

Тренды весны-2016: сетка, ассиметрия и плиссировка

The best designers made sure that this season had a lot of color, light and open body. We'll help you choose the best of the shows at the fashion weeksOur brush with youFringe for several seasons is trending. But whereas designers prefer to decorate its model in ethnic style, now you can wear it everywhere: on cocktail dresses and even suits in military style. Took care of it Boss, Anna Sui, Balmain, Antonio Marras/ Alexander Wang, Givenchy, Sonia Rykiel, Valentino

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Sport style can look sexy

Спортивный стиль может выглядеть сексуально

Expert to create an authentic wardrobe Karina Efimova tells the conditions under which a comfortable clothing will emphasize your femininityToday, our topic takes on an international character. Because the questions came from girls living in Berlin. So, with us today, Anastasia. It is very clearly formulated questions, and they were quite interesting, the answer to each of them can claim to be the whole story. I think you'll be able to find useful points for yourself

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How color changes the way?

Как цвет меняет образ?

Today's heroine Karina Efimova, expert at creating an authentic wardrobe will make you more feminineIn a unique project our readers can send in their photo with the issues of their concern, and professional stylist answers these questions and gives recommendations on what interests each specific participant.Today's issues, we sent Tatiana. She asks:1. What colors are most suitable for me (hair color, clothes)?2. Want some unusual color combinations.3

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