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Heel under the fashionable "look": trends-2019

Каблук под модный «лук»: тренды-2019

Stiletto or square? Or maybe you're a fan of Wild West style? found out that we will wear this yearBeautiful shoes in the boutiques is just fascinating: a huge selection of models at high and low heel the various forms. It is impossible to ignore. From correctly chosen footwear depends not only on the image as a whole, but also the health of your feet. The designers on the fashion weeks showcase all the riot of imagination, and we, in turn, selected the actual heels this year

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What to wear with shorts

С чем носить шорты

And no, don't think they can wear only in summer will help to choose the correct modelOn the one hand, the shorts are not very capricious element of the wardrobe, but it needs an approach if you want to be in trend. With shorts you can gather images for a party with friends, walking and — in some cases — work. We give a few recommendations to create images using different models of shorts, combining them with things from other materials

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5 secrets Android

5 секретов Андроида

Hidden functions that you might not knowWhat brand or country of origin would not be your phone, color or size, if it has Android operating system inside it is no different from their counterparts. It is easy to adapt themselves, do not know how? prompt.Free memoryLatest model starting with the Android operating system 7

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How to choose the right bag

Как выбрать правильную сумку

A clutch, bag or pochette — accessories selection such that dazzled. will tell you how to choose the right model is right for youYou will not find the girl on the street without bags. It is simply impossible. Today women's handbag "has grown" from a simple accessory into a very necessary thing for everyday life

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Bouquet of violets: learn to wear accessories with deep violet color

Букет фиалок: учимся носить аксессуары насыщенного фиолетового цвета

This bright hue many people are afraid to wear but knows how to tameBright, rich and eye-catching purple is a color with character: not every fashionista is able to overpower him or at least got to come to it.Photo: materials of press-servicesBut, knowing its features, you can make stunning images using a variety of things.Photo: materials of press-servicesSo, he looks the best with light blue, fuchsia, pale pink, grey and beige. In the crowd you will not remain unnoticed

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Shoes that makes you a simpleton

Обувь, которая делает вас простушкой

Not all shoes even if you are sunk into the soul, it is pertinent on city streets. will tell you how to avoid a fashion failureAgree, it's a shame when you want to look your best at an important event or meeting with classmates, and then randomly know one of them that your shoes become the most discussed thing. And all because you need to follow the current fashion solutions!Well, we will not let you lose face... and shoes in the mud

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What kind of things should not be thrown away — what will be fashionable a couple of years later

Какие вещи не стоит выбрасывать — что будет модно пару лет спустя

Regular analysis of the wardrobe — a useful habit. However, some things should be left in the closet until better timesMom-jeansLoose in the hips jeans designers came up with in the 80s, for two decades they were part of the basic wardrobe of any woman. In 2018, was the fashionable style of the 80s, respectively, and this style of jeans. Stylists say that by 2019, loose in the hips jeans, if you took them out of the closet mom's or older sister's, went out of fashion

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Fishnet tights: dare to be stylish

Колготки в сеточку: рискните быть стильной

Not all dare to experiment with such a bold item of clothing, however don't worry about the fashion failureThe first "sprouts" of fashion in this daring model of the tights come up in the 20-ies of the last century in the cabaret "Moulin Rouge". 50 years have passed, tights have taken on a new life in the punk culture, where "mesh" was an integral part of women's wardrobe, adjoining leather and metal

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5 ways to wear the jacket from the man's shoulder

5 способов носить пиджак с мужского плеча

Expert stylist-image-maker Anna Bielsko — about what to wear this garment to look is not only fashionable but feminineFor several seasons the relevance comes out such extraordinary subject of women's wardrobe as the jacket from the man's shoulder. Typically, these models have a long cut, often oversized, but the main feature adds incredible zest to this trend is the extended shoulders, that so attracts and frightens the representatives of the female half of the fashion population

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How did our favorite wardrobe items

Как появились наши любимые предметы гардероба

The history of the dresses, classic suits, shoes and jeansWomen's pant suitsThe story of the creation of a pants suit for women originated in the 19th century. The American feminist Amelia bloomer went on an unprecedented impudence — wear along with a wide-brimmed hat and the usual jacket and skirt, wide-leg trousers

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