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6 items of women's clothing that enrage men

6 предметов женской одежды, которые бесят мужчин

If you dress for it, ugg and Afghani will have to forgetWhat we think is sexy, it's weird, we're — comfortable, and they are tasteless. It turns out that our satellites do not care what we wear. According to surveys, most men do not like certain women's clothes and some clothes just can't stand. Even if your husband tells you about it, only out of find out what items of clothing would have to leave, so as not to annoy a loved one

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Used a marine style in summer wardrobe

It turns out that to add the image of the sea touch you can, not only wearing a vestSummer marine style traditionally becomes relevant. Clothing in white-blue-red tones, perfect to use on vacation. Also it can help to create the mood of holiday in the city.In addition to color, Russian girls tend to take on the sailors vest and white sailor collar that can be fastened to the t-shirts, blouses and Longsleeves

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Bikini is no longer in Vogue

This season, the two-piece bathing suit will give way to the beaches of fusionIt seems incredible, but true: swimwear bikini different degrees of miniaturization are losing their popularity. But the demand for one piece swimsuits growing. Now the Internet, they sold 20% more than a year ago. Sale bikini, on the contrary, decreased by 9%

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Closet for women with the figure of type "Apple"

The winner of the volumetric tummy and slim legs can rest assured that the stylists have developed their own guidance on the selection of clothingMost importantly, why should seek the owner "Apple" shape to balance the proportions. It is optional to do, hiding under tight clothing or pull the middle of the body. Not worse will look ensemble where an additional amount is given to the thighs are vertical, visually pull the silhouette line

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Below the head is not baked

Чтобы голову не напекло

Choose a hat for the summer season"Kate, don't forget to wear Panama" — these words sounded in every Soviet house, where there were children. Their turn came right after we stopped to remind you to clap a hat on his head. Not to say that we are very happy need to wear a hat and often thought that get rid of all-caps Panama as soon as we turn 18.Photo: the celebration in honor of the age of died down long ago and we are still in Sunny days, the covering of the head

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Choose summer t-shirts

In the upcoming season t-shirts will regain popularityA win-win — t-shirts with logos brands. The more interesting t-shirt design and the more unexpected brand (Yes, even the manufacturer of alcohol), the more expressive the image will turn out.Will cheer up you and those around t-shirts with funny slogans and funny should be the content, not the appearance of the label. Fonts it is better to choose a classic. Colorful t-shirts is better to choose plain

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What can tell bag

О чем может рассказать женская сумка — about the history and features of this accessory on a planetary scaleThere is the image of a woman several fashion token, one glance at which is sufficient to determine the status and taste of ladies. Of course, the bag is one of them. It can tell about its owner much from nature and ending with information about Hobbies and musical preferences

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Fall: the best classic costumes

Ходим парой: лучшие классические костюмы

The canonical combination of the trousers plus jacket — this season, take on new forms that have nothing to do with a boring dress codeAnyone else think that two-piece suit — boring office on a day that will never be released to the public? Express! Spring is a wonderful time to re-evaluate its relationship with the classics.Photo: canonical pair of trousers plus jacket, you gain a new form

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Conduct an audit of outerwear

The warm season is ideal for revision autumn and winter wardrobeSending warm clothes for storage in distant departments of the Cabinet, to conduct several operations. In the first place — to clean jackets and coats with washing or dry cleaning. Then you should decide what you wore in the previous seasons, do not want to wear in the future

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Back to the future: trends in summer 2017

Назад в будущее: тренды лета-2017

Before the hot season. And now we have to slowly pack a suitcase for vacation travel. And we will talk about the main fashion trends of the coming summerGreetings from the 80sThe voluminous shoulders, pants bananas and leggings — all the things that until recently we thought was bad taste, again at the peak of popularity. Reviewing old clips of Madonna and adopting new collections of Kenzo, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton

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