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Stars on fashion show Tatiana Mikhalkova

In the gallery of Zurab Tsereteli was held a traditional show under the auspices of Tatiana Mikhalkova. Design outfits engaged in Igor Gulyaev, and on the podium was spotted familiar faces

The role models of this time were made by the singer Angelica Agurbash, actress Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Anna Snatkina, Marina Orlova, Elena Zakharova, Sofya Kashtanova, Anna Gorshkova and Alyona Yakovleva. Tatiana Mikhalkova as the hostess of the evening, welcomed guests and not cheated anyone compliments. On the photo: Tatyana Mikhalkov and Zurab Tsereteli.

Звезды на модном показе Татьяны Михалковой

Nikita Mikhalkov with articlegenital Avramenko

All the Actresses involved in the show, happy to be photographed with Nikita Mikhalkov. The famous Director was also clearly pleased with the whole thing.

Звезды на модном показе Татьяны Михалковой

Artem Mikhalkov with sweetheart Dragonnade Avramenko

To support his mother came actor and Director Artem Mikhalkov with his girlfriend Daria. "I simply relate to fashion, — said Artem. — However, if going somewhere and mom knows that, she's always all members of our family said: wear black. It is always beneficial looks, and camera including. Sometimes I stick to the advice mom, and sometimes dress as I feel comfortable. My girlfriend Daria occasionally tells me something. But I do not advise. Usually they say: 'take your Pick — you are all to face."

Звезды на модном показе Татьяны Михалковой

Ksenia Avramenko Gatewayname

On the show can be seen as a professional actress in the role of models and professional models. The winner of the title "You're syпермоdель" Ksenia Guseva actress Marina Orlova, which has replaced two units, received the most applause.

Звезды на модном показе Татьяны Михалковой

Marina Avramenko Olowakandi

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