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Bag on the belt — a new fashion trend

If you love to hand under any circumstances was free, this accessory is just right for you

Any shoulder bag and then slides. Very often these episodes happen with the owners shoulders. In some situations this can be very inconvenient, for example, in the case of a walk with the kids.

To solve the problem a bag attached to the belt. It can look very impressive, if not bought in the store for the employees of the market.

Сумка на поясе — новый модный тренд

The more pockets in a belt bag, lucchetto:

In the first place, should pay attention to the material from which the bag is made. Well, if it is genuine leather. The bag can have plenty of pockets zipper, like its prototype for the employees of retailers, or to submit a copy of shoulder bags with a strap adapted for fastening at the hips.

Сумка на поясе — новый модный тренд

Bag on the belt can be embellished with rhinestones, sequins or visiblepath:

Waist bag can have a valve, rotary lock, can be embellished with rhinestones, studs, chains, or embroidery. Wear it appropriate not only with pants but also with dresses. By the way, coming out of the house with such a bag, you can not worry for the safety of stored vehicles. Typically, the thieves do not dare to steal out of bags on the belt.

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