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5 tricks sellers during the sale

The season began, when to buy things can be cheaper

Quirk # 1

Approaching the window, we see the words "discounts up to 70%". Indeed, two or three things could become significantly cheaper. All the other price drops 10-20 percent, and no more.

5 хитростей продавцов во время распродажи

70% - no все

Quirk # 2

Before the sale, the prices of tradable goods increases, then in July her to do less.

5 хитростей продавцов во время распродажи

No fraud, just a game with ценой

Quirk # 3

New collection neatly hung and placed on shelves, and partition sales specifically looks messy — it is a marketing ploy. Copas in the pile of clothes, the customer spends more time in the store and make sure something "will dig". It is no wonder that you spent two hours in here? And finding among this heap of cute thing at a reasonable price, you rather run to buy it.

5 хитростей продавцов во время распродажи

Anything but куплю

Quirk # 4

Look carefully at the composition of the clothing. You ever wonder what kind of tasteless synthetic is the same as it is a lovely dress made of natural silk? It to you bought it and were happy.

5 хитростей продавцов во время распродажи

Grab радуйтесь

Quirk # 5

While sales of hard to find things that are and so high-quality and demand — the price on them is usually not reduced. But every brahlo that you would look in a normal day during the sale becomes attractive because of the price.

5 хитростей продавцов во время распродажи

The good things of discounts are not бывает

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