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Lena Lenina — about summer fashion in jewelry

Editor cautions: wear in the hot months the diamonds — bad

Every fashionista, intending to depart on vacation to the sea or dressing up in the summer, is wondering what jewelry is appropriate to wear in summer and what to take with you on vacation. And if the winter leader of jewelry, perfectly framing the black and gray are favorite colors of summer — are the diamonds, the summer want to wear only bright clothes, but colorful decorations.
We asked editor-in-chief WomanHit, Queen high hairstyles, writer and the owner of the franchise network studios manicure Lena Lena, what jewelry should I wear this summer and why.

Lena Lenina: "In this season two fashion colors in jewelry orange coral and blue green turquoise. As well as pearls, especially white, as the eternal main favorite of the summer and the first Association with the sea. Diamonds really is not the summer kind of jewelry. Besides, from a practical point of view, they are dangerous to take with you on vacation from petty robbers, and jewelry made of pearls, coral or turquoise, and even gold framed, steal less. Maybe don't know everything about them and can't distinguish real from fake.

Лена Ленина — о летней моде в украшениях

Red corals are perfectly combined with clothes of white and grey, cvetovete: from the collection of the Russian jeweler Yaroslav Argentov
Corals are not only orange, but red, pink or even gray. Coral is almost the first gemstone of the person on Earth, along with pearls. But they both, of course, are not minerals or stones. The coral is a fine — grained calcareous skeleton of coral polyps that live in the salty waters of the seas and oceans. The coral polyps build their own skeletons as protection for their colonies, turning them into coral reefs. Not all corals are value for jewelers. Most popular red corals are formed in warm seas at depths of up to five hundred meters, however, they grow very slowly and most countries banned export of tourists. Red corals are perfectly combined with clothes of white and grey colors, and orange with blue. The main thing — to choose a manicure in the color of the coral and you won't have to repeat the color in the image. And of course, to do it, along with a pedicure for the summer, it should be in any salon franchise network studios manicure Lena Lenina and not have ladies on call at the house of

Лена Ленина — о летней моде в украшениях

Turquoise is a stone of schastlyvoe: from the collection of the Russian jeweler Yaroslav Argentov
Turquoise — a great decoration for the summer season as an incarnation in stone of the color of sea water. The French call it turquoise, meaning "Turkish" because the silk road suppliers of turquoise from Iran and ran through Turkey. In Persia it was called "Firuza", which means "happy." The color of turquoise depends on the age: in his youth turquoise to almost white, then blue, and in old age green. This is because copper that meets the turquoise blue in color, with a time displaced from the mineral iron oxide. That is why nowadays, turquoise is mined in some countries as the associated material in copper mines. Although Iran is it in such high esteem because it is considered a talisman of happiness, which is still mined manually.

Лена Ленина — о летней моде в украшениях

White pearl prefer aristocratique: from the collection of the Russian jeweler Yaroslav Argentov
Pearls are my favorite jewel. And I'm not alone: aristocrat all over the world, members of Royal families and wives of high-ranking political figures believe pearl stone, elect, brought up and educated. The perfect pearl is round, with glitter, multicolor iridescent colors in the pearl and a number of defects less than a tenth of the surface. And uneven Baroque pearls, though cheaper, but not counterfeited and often imperfectly its forms is a sign of authenticity. White pearls — a classic.

Лена Ленина — о летней моде в украшениях

Black pearl - dorogovato: from the collection of the Russian jeweler Yaroslav Argentov

And the black Tahitian pearls are the most expensive. It's funny that black pearl, in fact, is never black and has hundreds of shades of aubergine, green, or blue to gray."

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