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Red can be the base color of the wardrobe

If red suits you, don't hesitate and wear it whenever you want

Choosing clothes, women often decide to purchase products, made of bright red fabric. Probably the reason is that we don't want to look too bright, expressive and outrageous. However, even red can be tamed and used in daily images.

Красный может быть базовым цветом гардероба

Combine the red with neutral attentamente:

The red thing, if it certainly is not about the dress for a special occasion, should be concise. Simple style and the decorative elements will make the pants or blouse red perfect solution for any event.

Not completing clothing red with other vivid shades. Better enhance the image details of white, black or Nude.

Красный может быть базовым цветом гардероба

Pay attention to the texture of things red cotapata:

Shoes it is advisable to choose on a low heel or flat shoes. Stiletto heel coupled with red color will look out of place erotic.

Pay attention to the texture of the fabric. Red jacket suiting is well suited for office work, while the red leather jacket will be a bust

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