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The figure of "rectangle": give the appearance of a slim waist

The type of shape "rectangle" is characterized by the small difference between bust, waist and hips

It is the "rectangles" are most of the models, as the correct approach on the basis of their shapes, you can create any silhouette.

Фигура «прямоугольник»: создаем видимость тонкой талии

The belt helps to emphasize talipot: materials of press-services

If you are the owner of shapes of type rectangle, but want to achieve the visual effect of a slim waist, refrain from monochrome dresses that do not have a pronounced emphasis in this area. Much better fit dresses with cut a high waist or dress, on the sides where the fabric is darker than in the center of the abdomen and back. To rectify the situation will always help strap.

Фигура «прямоугольник»: создаем видимость тонкой талии

Flared silhouettes accentuate figurato: materials of press-services

To make the figure more harmonious able flared silhouettes of skirts. Thanks to the folds of the thighs appear bulkier waist.

Фигура «прямоугольник»: создаем видимость тонкой талии

"Rectangles", precense suitable elongated, kardiganami: materials of press-services

Overweight "rectangles" recommended long cardigans with a belt, which stretched silhouette and define the waist.

Фигура «прямоугольник»: создаем видимость тонкой талии

But lowering the waist line not scottato: materials of press-services

Regardless of weight, try to avoid dresses with a low waistline — they make the upper body bulky and shapeless. You should be careful when choosing the dresses with elastic waist.

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