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Time insects

This summer, the insects are not only in the air but on clothes and accessories fashionistas

Despite the fact that some insects like to bite us for the open part of the body, they are still beautiful: painted butterfly wing and mesh — dragonflies, striped maintenka Taurus Bumble bees can not leave indifferent.

This year the insects have inspired not only by vacationers, but fashion designers. They offer us to wear hats, shorts, blouses, dresses, sweatshirts and other items of clothing with images of buzzing and squeaking flyers.

Время насекомых


Clothing can be screenprinted with the image of insects, with embroidery or sequins in the form of these tiny living beings. By the way, look great and buttons, fashioned in the image and likeness of the insects.

First of all, fashion houses recommend us to pay attention to the decor in the form of butterflies dragonflies and bees, but not forbidden, and the use of scarab beetles, flies and even grasshoppers.

Время насекомых


Entomological motifs may also be present in the accessories: bags, belts, jewelry. If desired, brooches graceful dragonflies or any other insect you can decorate the shoes.

insects, the accessories trends of the season


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