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The best color of clothes for business women

Wearing the correct outfit colors, you can easily ingratiate himself with superiors or business partners

Choosing a suit for a business meeting, you first need to determine what goals you want to achieve. If your goal is to post, then pay attention to white. He will describe you as reliable, tidy person and will allow you to set the conversation on a positive, trusting way. Did no worse than a blue suit, blue, green and brown things.

Лучшие цвета для одежды деловой женщины

White will help to obtain the desired, colinette: materials of press-services

However, if you are prepared to defend the interests of the company at the meeting with authorities, white can play a bad role. It will evoke associations with the flag, which is traditionally thrown away in surrender, and make you helpless. Better note the red and black, diluting them with pastel shades.

Лучшие цвета для одежды деловой женщины

Red and black say that you are, rastitelnogo: materials of press-services

Want to impress with creative, extraordinary person, able to move mountains? Add a little yellow or orange.

Лучшие цвета для одежды деловой женщины

Orange prefer creative nudefoto: materials of press-services

Dealing with overbearing bosses, demanding unquestioning obedience, wear grey suits and dresses. This color will show that you are willing to follow all instructions of the boss.

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