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The Shine of metal in your wardrobe

The fashion for metallic will help you become brighter

Once the metal effect could be produced only at the expense of metal jewelry. Now there are many fabrics, decorative coatings and elements, no less shining than gold or silver. Skillfully using them, you can create a trendy image.

Special popularity has acquired metallic in the 80s. Metallic texture was used as a way to make something very modern, as if it came from the future. This technique would look great now. For example, wearing to the strict dress oxfords or pumps silvery hue, you will be able to look not boring, not violating the dress code.

Блеск металла в вашем гардеробе

In fashion and shoes with "metallic"effect Photo:

In everyday life, the trend for metallic paint you can use, wearing visible jewelry, belts, handbag with a metallic sheen. Biker jacket silver, gold or copper color will become a highlight of a simple bow from jeans and t-shirts.

Блеск металла в вашем гардеробе

For the bold - total-lookФото:

If you go on a holiday, feel free to wear the shining dress. It can be completely made of fabric with a metallic sheen, to be stitched shiny thread, or profusely decorated with rhinestones.

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