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Modestly and not hot

How to dress in summer if you don't like the mini and don't want to be naked

Many believe that the less clothes the cooler. This is partly so because when our hands and feet are open, nothing prevents the wind to blow in refreshing them. But when the sun outdoor outfit may not be entirely successful. Scorching sun's rays will directly fall on the skin, to heat and to fire it.

Quite another matter — clothes made of light natural fabrics that protect the body from the summer heat. It is through such dresses and capes Islamic women do not suffer from the heat even in the southern countries. We do not suggest you to dress in the hijab, but think about elongated items of clothing would be nice.

Скромно и не жарко

In the heat comfortable in natural light, tanahlot:

For example, you definitely will not be hot in the cotton dress-shirt, kimono, Slippers and a straw hat or slim jeans and a linen blouse with long sleeves.

Surely in your wardrobe, Maxi dress made of comfortable natural fabrics. Don't let him hang this summer in the closet. Be sure to wear!

Very comfortable in hot days also flying in wide trousers with a high waist and cropped top, and a tea gown of cotton, or satin with buttons down the front.

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