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Wardrobe for women over 40

You can wear almost everything, but with the mind!

Many people still believe that after 40 years, all bright and interesting things it's time to expel out of the closet. But, fortunately, in the modern world, an adult woman does not necessarily turn into a gray mouse. On the contrary, if she wants to be successful in professional and personal life, she should learn to dress at the same time fashionable and elegant.

Гардероб для женщины за 40

Do not give up bright obrazovati:

Of course, the basis office the bows should be basic stuff. But they may be diluted somewhat trendy. So, it is not a puncture, if you showed up to work in simply pants, shoes-Oxford sweatshirt and a relaxed shade of print. To maintain the image in the business key will be strict tote and neat hair. Things with Mickey mouse, if you like them, also you can buy, but only to wear at home or at the cottage.

Гардероб для женщины за 40

Especially carefully it is necessary to choose the lower balletto:

Pay special attention to his underwear. Hitting buttocks panties or bra, not enough support the chest, can severely damage your appearance. 20 blouse worn by the symbolic bodice could look good, but after 40 it will definitely look messy.

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