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Bright palette of autumn — in closet

Nature did not indulge us in the hot summer, but now we can fill the lack of sunlight catchy, mellow tones and a little bit extravagant silver

Shades of red, until the defiant, crimson, flared with the beginning of autumn, all the shopping centers. If you do not decide to take such crucial decisions in the selection of colors, you can make this color in your image in the form of accessories: a red bag, scarf or this season's red beret.

Aquamarine also unexpectedly became the leader in many autumn collections. Noble blue-green, as it turned out, it looks great not only among the winter snows, but also on the background of the hot colors of autumn. Celadon suitable for both blondes and brunettes.

Does not lose relevance metallic. Why is not everyone aware of the universality of the silver color and do not use this feature. Meanwhile, it is perfectly combinable, and is especially good in combination with black and white. This season in the trend silver jacket, will fit in closet and a bag of metallic colors.


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