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Shaken, not stirred: what to wear this fall

Designers around the world call this fall to bet on identity, but do not forget the trends of the season

It seems the designers decided to throw us off. This year, presenting his autumn-winter collection, Dolce&Gabbana brought to the podium to 140 people. Lean and plump, tall and short people, babies and elderly matrons, white-skinned blondes and dark-skinned mulattos. Wearing all this motley company was also strange, to say the least. Leopard prints, sheer blouses, lace dresses with fur, tapestry jackets and skirts are absolutely not matching colors — in short, everything that until recently was called bad taste. Promise collection Stefano Dolce defined in one sentence: "People should accept themselves as they are." So if you can't part with a favorite blouse in ugly roses or continue to tenderly love the blazer with padded shoulders from your youth, relax and continue to wear them. However, to look stylish, it is better to dilute some of the trending things. Some says fashion expert Mr Vladov.

With someone else's shoulder

Remains oversized clothing (shapeless sweaters, baggy coat, a "phony" jacket). Such things can be found in the collections of almost all fashion houses.

Смешать, но не взбалтывать: что носить этой осенью

STELLA MCCARTNEYФото: materials of press-services

Denim Paradise

If we talk about trends of the fall season, the fashion remains of denim (this is demonstrated by the collection of Dior and other brands). Thus we see how gradually subsides, the interest in skinny jeans. Ladies, change them for a more loose and comfortable model — the "boyfriend jeans" or "mom jeans".

Attention on his feet

If we talk about footwear, the fashion — athletic (sneakers still, you can combine with almost everything) and also accentuates the curves of female legs boots-stockings and boots in all sorts of ways.

Смешать, но не взбалтывать: что носить этой осенью

MISSONIФото: materials of press-services

The game is in the cage

Choosing autumn coat, please note on form-fitting silhouettes and fashionable this season in the cage. In addition, the color of the season, the designers chose red, so be sure to add things that color in your wardrobe.


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