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Fashion comfort: linen should be comfortable

Accented by allure — the main thing that was required from the intimate woman's wardrobe at all times. Now this trend is giving way to a new trend

All the current fashion trends one way or another imbued with the desire of women to be active and successful. Turn came to underwear. If until now his only purpose was considered attractive for men, it is now the first place there is comfort and practicality.

Publication of Le Journal Intime (@le_journal_lingerie)Aug 6 2017 10:09 PDT

Comfortable seamless pattern, invisible under even tight fitting clothes that give the looseness and confidence; a new shapewear makes your body slimmer, obtiva it delicately and gently. It was that look these things can be quite sexy. This linen is also suitable for Dating, and sports activities after work. It was the fashion for the sport, respectively to sport trends in the closet, led to a new attitude to women's underwear: it is created primarily for the convenience of those who wear it. Although the traditional option for special occasions, of course, has not been canceled.


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