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Updated autumn wardrobe for the office

To refresh your business look, turn to the classics of style: look to the jacket and its varieties

The silhouette of the coat may be straight or slim, the amount, how would exaggerated, mandatory lapels. The overall cut is reminiscent of the blazer men's suit. Modern fashion offers to purchase and wear it in a pair of pants or a skirt.

A more feminine variation of the jacket — the jacket. It is knit or wool, plain or patterned. Thing extremely practical, comfortable, does not crease and perfectly combined. The jacket can be made in a variety of options, so never goes out of fashion.

Обновляем осенний гардероб для офиса

The jacket can be made in a variety of variancefor:

Requirements blazer more stringent. Cut double-breasted, fabric is always monochrome, dark, buttons of Golden metal. Modern fashion allows for a variety of color, classic blue. Can be worn with jeans or with trousers.

Обновляем осенний гардероб для офиса

Cardigan is indispensable autumn, Garderobe:

The cardigan is knitted of natural wool, natural colors (mustard, grey), can be black, button closures. The model does not lose shape, made smooth a viscous or simple harness is quite suitable for creating a modern business image.


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