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Pearl design

That is still routinely considered a decoration for Mature ladies, it turns out, is well suited for young girls

Modern fashion often destroys the established beliefs. Now she offers creative ways to wear pearls. Pearl embroidery on velvet and brocade were used by the nobility in the very old days, and now, beads can be sewn on any fabric, even the tight denim. Jeans, skirt, jacket, embellished faux pearls are quite in trend. You can freeze them in a chaotic manner on the shirts, add a top, to use as buttons. This garments additional decoration is not required.

Жемчуг в молодежном стиле

Pearls will brighten even denim curtipot:

Actual embroidered with pearl beads in retro style handbags, clutch bags, purses, and even backpacks. This bag is equipped with a chain, looks good with a fur coat. You can embroider with pearls mittens, knitted hat. With a plain coat or cloak a great pair of white gloves trimmed with circle pearl ring.


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