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What does it mean to dress "age"

One of the secrets of good taste: the closet needs to keep pace with changes that occur over the years

25 years — time experiments. You can afford to wear ripped jeans or to paint your hair any color of the rainbow. To change, to try, to buy items and it is easy to part with them. It is clear that to rely on expensive branded products when this approach is not necessary. And it is useless, the young luxury in itself. Without a strict set — costume, bag, white blouse –is also important, useful, for example, when applying for a job.

Что это значит — одеваться «по возрасту»

After 30 experiments with style too relevant, but it is better to give preference to quality vesanto: materials of press-services

The next decade of life requires a different approach to the style. Preferred clothing is very high quality, basically designed for years, especially since the woman already does not change. The reverse side of stability — the inability to go beyond established style. If you overcome this barrier, it can be different in different situations — at work, on vacation, at friendly gatherings. In the creation of several variants of the image can help a professional stylist.


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