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Select fall boots

With the onset of the rains practicality of the Shoe comes first, but about fashion and style will not be forgotten

Is it because of the wet weather to abandon the high heel? Hairpin unreliable, but if the heel is broad, stable and combined with high platform, this option is ideal for the autumn slush and fits in a variety of styles. Chunky heel is appropriate in the office. Refined model with neat tapered-toe you can wear, for example, in the theater.

Boots in the cowboy style, or the so-called Cossacks, in combination with the appropriate clothing — jeans, a plaid shirt, suede vest is fashionable and very impressive. These boots will be useful not only in the city, they can go to the country, sole they have wide, comfortable, while aesthetic.

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The Cossacks – it is fashionable and very effectnote:

In Vogue boots, stylized rubber. They are made of leather, supplied with rough, solid soles and are designed to create a certain image. In conjunction with them look great plaid pants-pipes, puffy jacket. Boots made of real rubber for every taste, too, is now available for sale. Essential for trips out of town or to the country.

Выбираем осенние сапоги

Rubber boots can also be magnemite:

Chelsea boots are English style — it is advisable to do basic element of your wardrobe. Chelsea is very convenient: easy to put on, if you chose a sole without a heel, the gait will be fast and easy, you can even run. English shoes look elegant, fit into any style. In all respects a versatile Shoe.


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