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Change it immediately: what a manicure does not like men

8 mistakes women make when choosing a nail Polish

How often do we go for a manicure with an already formed idea. We know what will be the color, length and shape of nails. But meanwhile wondered if anyone one of us, our dear men can not appreciate the efforts and the result?

We have tried to collect together the types of manicures that men do not like.

Very bright, corrosive color. Often, it doesn't quite match with your way, and not only repel men, but looks absurd.

Смените это немедленно: какой маникюр не нравится мужчинам

Pointed nails. The myth that men think are sexy nails — has long been debunked. At the sight of such a manicure they usually build a sour face.

The varnish is of Golden color. Yes, once it was considered "rich", but the fashion for that color is long gone, and even nails Golden color male long considered a manifestation of vulgarity.

White nails. Girls think that white nail Polish is beneficial to set off tanned skin, and men laugh, for completely white nails remind them of school corrector for correcting errors.

Silvery pink nail Polish. He not only cheapen your image, but also emphasize the unevenness on the nails. If you want warm colors, it is better to take powder or apricot.

Смените это немедленно: какой маникюр не нравится мужчинам

Glued nails. For men it is generally a quiet horror. And it is good if during a romantic dinner, he will not come unstuck!

The stones on the nails. Do not flatter yourself that your date will appreciate their glow. He's just convinced that his girlfriend has no taste, and it looks vulgar.

Смените это немедленно: какой маникюр не нравится мужчинам

Nails in flower. This manicure is suitable only for young girls. But the young man and even colleagues can cause issues.


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