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7 fashion accessories for cold weather

Make fall and winter a beautiful, warm and comfortable

Cold, wind, rain on the street no reason to sit at home, if you are warmly dressed. And if beautiful, then you are guaranteed a good mood and the desire to walk the streets of the city, regardless of the weather. Stock up on fashion accessories and go!

7 модных аксессуаров для холодной погоды

Do yourself тепло


Put on caps with pompom. Someone this hat may seem ridiculous or childish, nevertheless, he took their place on the runways this fall. This cap looks bright, stylish, unusual, and in addition to any outerwear.

7 модных аксессуаров для холодной погоды

Traditional cap now supplements помпон


Don't forget gloves, in the cold season hands get cold very much, and this leads to aging of the skin. Brush show our age even if well-kept young face. And since the trend is still outerwear with cropped sleeves, the gloves we'll need long. The material can be any of: leather and knit, suede and textiles, fur, and can safely choose a model where these textures are combined together.

7 модных аксессуаров для холодной погоды

Don't forget перчатки


Classic beret in this season, acquired the volume. Fashion textured models in bright colors. Decorate your headdress with unusual details, for example, a brooch or a pen, and you will not get lost in the crowd.

7 модных аксессуаров для холодной погоды

Berets acquired объем


Fashion this season offers caps, more like cap. Actual military style.

7 модных аксессуаров для холодной погоды

In fashion милитари


This is another hat, which is solved to afford not every woman, but in vain. First, stylish second, fashionable. In trend hats decorated with unusual elements: Golden ribbons, leather straps, colour contrast piping or small POM-poms attached to the crown.

7 модных аксессуаров для холодной погоды

Allow yourself шляпу


Designers offer us to wear large hats made of bulk yarn. Them warm and cozy. They look great with coats, jackets and even coats.

7 модных аксессуаров для холодной погоды

Hats should be of coarse шерсти


Here do not be ashamed — in the fashion of bright, noticeable scarves, fringe, ethnic motifs, badges and brooches. Don't be afraid to combine materials of different textures, for example wool adding leather tassels or furry POM-poms. And, of course, the scarf should be long and warm.

7 модных аксессуаров для холодной погоды

The longer the scarf, the теплее


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