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Masha Tsigal: "the king is naked!"

Famous designer about whether or not to imitate the stars, wearing translucent dress

The world took a new madness — "naked trend". This is when stars are shooting, red carpet events, high-profile events and ceremonies are actually naked. Or rather, in translucent outfits that barely cover her genitalia. Is it really fashionable? And how to treat the rampant fashion for nudity?

Far beyond the examples do not need to be always at the hearing, star of the American reality show Kim Kardashian is bare of clothes and in everyday life! And this buxom young lady did not hesitate to show the world their overall shape. Recently, paparrazi filmed it in exotic "cellophane" dress.

What can I say! Remember the luxury of Marilyn Monroe in 1962 the year when the anniversary of John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden it came in the iconic dress from Jean-Louis Berthault, chief designer clothing in Hollywood! Outfit of the delicate matter of the bodily colors, hand embroidered 6 thousand diamond sparkles. But how cleverly and delicately gave him diva! To not immediately disclose the intrigue of an amazing dress, Marilyn, for the time was wrapped in furs, which took off, only coming on the scene. So there is something in your craw all the breath and stole!

Today, the "sensitivity" is manifested in a much lesser extent: paste on the nipples, stikine, wearing a tiny Thong and mesh on a naked body. And here it is — outrageous apparel for publication — ready!

Маша Цигаль: «А король-то голый!»

Mary Cicalfate: materials of press-services

Now let's see. Yes, transparent things do at one time seized the podiums. Went with them in real life and won the hearts and minds of millions of women worldwide. But! If extravagant Nicknames Menazh can afford to come to the show with an open chest, or, say, scandalous Miley Cyrus can afford to wear a very skimpy bathing suit as a concert costume, we have all the more difficult. Understand — "their" the public is ready for it! Morally, visually, culturally, mentally call it what you want. And here is our audience like to see? Yes, that's something I'm not sure. And you know why? In the West and in America stars are intentionally doing this show! Nice PR on which work the whole team powerful Pro! They are not in a translucent tulle in a restaurant for the social dinner — they make a real show out of their appearance at public events. But do expertly! I have fond memories of Rihanna, which made a splash at the CDFA fashion awards in 2014, wearing a dress made of Swarovski crystals by Adam Selman! And although not a fan of this style, but the singer really looked gorgeous! And not matter what matters most!

But not just because of our audience aren't ready. First of all, not ready our people to see naked bodies due to their deep education and the right morals and dogmas! For us it is a shame — not that show, but at least even see a foreign female breast or the fifth point in the "natural" beauty! Women angrily it take to crease the foreheads of the men shyly lowered his eyes to the floor (though enjoying the picture of what is really there!). And not because we are the Neanderthal wild. And because everything is in order we have a moral upbringing! Yet! Clothing was originally designed to cover the body, remember! Not in order to show it to everyone and to put yourself "on sale".

Маша Цигаль: «А король-то голый!»

Olga Buzova are "naked", placepot:

If Kim Kardashian thinks that her, to put it mildly, not the most physiologically healthy and slim shapes, you can get the clear plastic skirt and go out for bread — it is a private matter! Just remember that then again, a whole team of mercenaries photoshop pictures of her, bringing the image "Comerica" to the ideal. Russian woman with outstanding booty in sheer skirt like this (somewhere in line for bread!) will look ridiculous! Is it worth the experiment?

As for our stars, who dramatically took to copy the style and trend of the West... what I see and watch on the red carpet — it just boggles the mind. And it's not about airy and Flirty silhouettes, unfortunately. There are none! God, if only this shocking wave does not become routine in the daily lives of our celebrities! And it's not even in that "look at you kids!" and other moral "conventions" (as they think). The fact that almost everything put on our pure raunch. It's not even shocking, as in the case of Menazh or Cyrus J. Lo. It's just a moral Chernobyl of some kind. The failure in all senses.

Don't want to go to the specifics, but when I recently saw a performance of honored artist and famous singer in the continuous semi-transparent jumpsuit, it is not appropriate nor its age, nor figure with a complete lack of any settings — I was shocked. And look where our stylists stars? They even exist? Well, he has to realistically assess its dimensions — not to look like a jester pea on the same stage. The feeling is that they before going slightly agree "for bravery", and then proudly strode, shaking her bits under tulle capes. And counting on...what they expect? Probably, here it is. That we with you friends, then we have a week to discuss this "fashion verdict".

Well, ought not a decent singer with a very specific and already-established audience to wear tulle on stage! Her aunt-the fans will be horrified, no? It fans Miley have everything ready — they are not amaze by anything. But our audience, again, to such experiments is very nervous.

If you really want to stand out at the event and to follow the "naked" trend, to start a critical, rate my naked body in the mirror. Do you have enough inner confidence to show the world his body in its true beauty, so to speak? Will you stay relaxed and be yourself? It is not easy, believe me!

Маша Цигаль: «А король-то голый!»

Gluk'oza is also periodically appears in a translucent, neryadovoe:

...Why people stopped shy? I think because it's already hard enough different to attract attention to his person. Super-outrageous outfits — is ("meat" dress of Lady Gaga, we all remember?). Layered dresses were. Amazing hats — were. Classic and feminine — thank you, absolutely out of fashion in "high society".

In General, though. The expansion of "ugly fashion" led to the fact that it became fashionable everything. All found at a thrift store and put it on thoughtlessly — all fashionable and can be adapted to modern trends. But, if you think about it, when we see someone showing us grotesque and deliberately underlined "hobo style" that, like, says, "I wear things to show how I don't depend on trends," it becomes clear that he just totally depend on and imitate others!

When you work on your style — you create a unique vivid manifestation of himself. It takes time and intellectual work. When you just macaleese on poorly pumped and flabby body spandex jumpsuit that transforms you into a fictional character, it is bad taste.


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