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Myths and chips of the season spring-summer-2018

Milan fashion week through the eyes of a layman: journalist Zhanna Golubitskaya reports from behind the scenes of the shows

The Milanese say: "a True Fashion born in Milan unwinds in Paris, driven around in London, then she is applauded and imitated in new York, after which she returned triumphantly home in Milan to give life to a new Fashion." We will try to debunk the most common myths and reveal the most current trends of spring-summer of 2018.

Introduction to the world of fashion

I arrived in Milan from the point of view of fashion almost a virgin, so I'll start with the basics — in the order in which I perceive the world itself.

Мифы и фишки сезона весна-лето-2018

Zhanna Golubitskaya in Cavalli dress - as it should be, on display in the brand brendafohio speaker, author

People who are professionally involved in fashion, you can see it from the inside and operate tricky terms like "the brand's DNA". And the consumer of fashion in the face of the most of us know only what the first new collections will be wearing the stars and very rich people, and then in the second (adapted to the life of a mere mortal) lines of collections they will come "to the people". The most wealthy fashionistas acquire them into personalized boutiques, the others will wait for sales or visit "the outlets" — places Central rummage sales seasonal brand collections. Others will have to wear fakes of varying quality — from the Italian (fighting with them, but so far without success) to Turkish and Chinese. Even an Amateur work "with little Arnaut" copies hits brand collections — wow them something to copy! A "self-made" tailor, producing according to our own designs, this is not fake and a small couturier. The only question is the quality. Well, in the prestige. Because in certain circles the things from the new collections learn "in person" as an unmistakable marker of status. I could buy it in the first ranks, then, is a person with possibilities. There are, however, desperate purchasing designer creations straight from the catwalk at last. The powers that be in your circle they are still not accepted, but brands sometimes free fed at receptions and parties after the shows. Still, the people behind them gave!

As the assumptions in the Holy of holies of the fashion of the coming seasons I've lost myths, carried through life. Their place was taken by the understanding of the algorithm of origin of fashion and new trends. Share.

Мифы и фишки сезона весна-лето-2018

Miu, Miphoto:

Myth 1: the Fashion week is fashion week

Actually it's 4 weeks, 4 times a year — that is, 4 months of the year. The baton of impressions from year to year capital of the world pass each other in the prescribed order: new York — London — Milan — Paris. And this is the only pret-a-port when designers show us what we will wear in the upcoming season (there are still shows of Haute couture, where fashion is still in the stage of pure art and is not tied to producers/marketers/advertisers and other professionals who will eventually lead her to us, the actual consumers shelling out their money for it). Late winter generally starts the marathon impressions, "fall-winter" next year, in early autumn, show the coming season "spring-summer", weeks pass separately. Most designers prefer to show new collection at home. In force submitted to local brands new York week is considered the most Americanized and sport, London — the classic and conservative, Paris is called the most elegant, and Milan, the most striking and sexy. Reason — in the Italian brands of the first echelon, which show trends at home. The adherents bright luxury with explicit sexual overtones — Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Gucci, Moschino, Ermanio Servino, Prada, Etro, DSquared2 and young Italian designers who are following the guru.

Мифы и фишки сезона весна-лето-2018


And European neighbours that share this vision — for example, the German brand Philipp Plein, of all the fashion capitals of choosing to show their new collections exclusively Milan.

The sacred moment of the "conception" of the fashion trends, oddly enough, is not on the shows, and in the Milanese streets. Come here for the "streetstyle" street style. This city is able to combine fashion trends with the finds at the flea market and in my grandmother's trunk and in all the resulting splendor at the appointed hour, to come under the door of fashion shows, even if there is no invitation. In Milan they say: "Fashion is born in the street crowd waiting for the fashion show". 98% of them will not be on the shows themselves, but their photos will go in the famous chronicle "Milan stralya", which then will be to carefully review the designers themselves and their marketing.

To be continued...


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