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Favorite, put it away immediately: what mistakes do men in the choice of wardrobe

There are taboo not only in women but also in men's fashion. What you need to carry representatives of a strong half of mankind to be "in trend"?

Fashion does not forgive the disrespectful attitude. Whether you're male or female. But if women are all more or less clear, then what about the opposite sex?

Today we will look at what the stylish laws is to follow our beloved second halves.

Law the first and most important: socks of dark color you, our dear men, wear only a suit and dress shoes! And that's really bright socks with sneakers and any other sports shoes. Honestly, even popping out for cigarettes at the corner store in jeans and black socks, and even shoes, you look ridiculous. Respect yourself and don't let yourself become an object of ridicule.

Любимый, сними это немедленно: какие ошибки делают мужчины при выборе гардероба

Socks need to correctly choose to obovate:

Another failure of some "fashionistas" — leather jacket "a La biker", with rivets and rhinestones. Such a thing will be relevant for the bikers meeting or at a rock concert, but not in the city. Do not try to stand out from the crowd by lost fashion.

But the horror of many stylists: clothing store "Hunter and Fisher". No, of course, if you are going hunting or fishing, camouflage pants with huge pockets, rubber boots and jacket khaki you at the time! But just don't go out in them for events and for walking around the city. These things in any case should not be casual.

Любимый, сними это немедленно: какие ошибки делают мужчины при выборе гардероба

Do not overdo it with accesswrite:

Conversely, excessive fashion (seemingly) accessories can also be ridiculous and absurd. Yes, sometimes a bright tie refreshes dull monotone suit. But increasingly, we see men in torn jeans, shirt and very odd sunglasses, absolutely not matching the style. Be attentive to accessories. Not all of them can take note. Otherwise you risk to trigger a smile from passers-by and colleagues.


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