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Lena Lenina: the business romantic VS dress code

Editor tells what to conquer the employer, and to entice fans

As an entrepreneur I often meet surrounded by familiar business people of different dressed their employees. As well as a regular head hunter often meet applicants for a job. Drawing Parallels between these two categories, I can tell you how to dress a person from the second category wants to go in first, and how to dress to be recruited, as well as how to dress for a job when you already accepted. I've also noticed one feature: the closer competitor to the established dress code, which is practiced by employees, the easier it will be to work. After all meet on clothes. And avtoslesar workshop, and in show business, and the financial institution.

But there is one category of dress code, which is a common practice by fraudsters simply because the only way people are dressed easier and faster to just win the trust of the client. So what are we to reinvent the wheel, let's check it out.

A business suit is the confidence of the people. Jacket, shirt, pants. Latest instead of a skirt suit in fashion this season, even among women. Suit gray color causes the favor of the rich rulers, as subconsciously perceived as the color of insubordination, discipline, obedience and diligence. Wrist watch subconsciously cause the person a feeling of your punctuality, responsibility, and even the impression of a guarantee that all your promises, you will run on time. Vision glasses, or clear glasses will make you smarter in the view of the interlocutor. Dress like the charlatans. Because it is easier to gain trust. So have to get dressed and all those who want to please the customer or boss.

Conversely, are completely unacceptable and badly perceived in the business environment elements of athletic clothing like hoodies or sneakers. And if mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire, it does not mean that the stylists and brothers in business not making fun of his rubber flip-flops or three t-shirts. A lot more girls like me and business partner are dressed to the nines and stylish dressers as a businessman Stanislav Sergeev, the owner of the factory of quartz stone Plaza Stone. Or a great mod, style of clothing which appeals to his clients, landscape designer Ilya vasetsky.

On the contrary, a disgusting impression in a business situation vulgar and overly sexy deep neckline women, especially coupled with short skirts and platform shoes a La a stripper.

Horrible look of cheap synthetic fabrics in our clothes, after all, successful business people wear only natural cashmere, silk and linen. Look bad and grandma's knitted sviterochke at work. Leave them in the ski resorts or fishing. Not suitable in the office and green or pink color clothing. Colors business style should not be at all. The best color in the work is its absence, like achromatic, white, or black — kings of the style business dress code. In an extreme case, beige, grey or brown. But certainly not red or orange. My partner for the production of shampoos with aphrodisiacs Egomania&ELenaLenina, for example, and produces adorable ladies bright pink bottles for our magic detergents, but in reality is only dark gray suits.

Лена Ленина: деловой VS романтический дресс-код

Business manicure can be neutral shades or red. But striking nail designs before an important working meeting do not scottato: materials of press-services

Also, do not advertise in the business accessories religious: crosses, crescents, stars, or red thread at supastah. After all, a business person in the negotiations have to deal with people of different faiths and religions, so do not stick out their, so as not to irritate once again members of other spiritual movements.

Loose hair — uncool ladies. Panel. A business lady in a bun or a ponytail, neat and not shaggy. And decoration in the style business is permissible only restrained, for example, Pusey — pearl or a diamond. No matter natural or not. But definitely not hanging down to his shoulders all sparkly faux gems the masterpieces of jewelery and demonstration of the taste of a Gypsy camp or the Chinese village. And excess makeup is only good in the circus, and not at work. And, as the owner of the franchise network studios manicure Lena Lena, can't help but notice that I can't be a business lady black or purple nails is neat-short-beige-pink nails. In extreme cases, a red manicure or classic, but not long or sharp jacket. Whatever was said in these competitive ladies manicurists on call to the home of the

Лена Ленина: деловой VS романтический дресс-код

Curls and neckline appropriate only for svidaniye: materials of press-services

But in a romantic setting when you have only one hour to like or married, the rules of the dress code are quite different. Pink and red are the kings of seduction of flowers and of erotikartikel. Like the combination of black and white. The neckline is not just shown, and are persistently spelled out. Stockings instead of pantyhose, and numerous bracelets only contribute to Lubkivsky men. In the same way as loose hair with curls and high heels. The texture of fabrics: silks and flowing fabrics are shown in a romantic setting, and tweed, fine wool and cotton — in the business.

In General, once told me the King Suite and distributor of the most fashionable brands in our country, the main thing in clothes is its relevance.


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