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5 things you should give up

Some "glamorous" pieces of clothing make your look too cheap

Chic Shine-beauty

Not always, these concepts are identical. There's an old joke: "go — shines, fit — shiny, look — nozzle". Here to you not have such a history, immediately throw away all casual and sporting items with sequins, sparkles and sequins. Glass "diamonds" they are good only for formal attire, and then, if you go to the matinee in kindergarten.

5 вещей, от которых следует отказаться

Sequins Express дочке

Counterfeiting of branded items

Producers called bags, stitched crooked inept hands of the Chinese masters, replicas, or copies, but the essence remains the same — it is a cheap knockoff. Can't afford the branded and expensive? No need to chase the brand, because it still shows that you have in your hands the cheap, not having any relation to the famous French house of fashion. Do not shame, it is better to buy a quality thing. Let it will make your girlfriend Masha, but neat and of a natural material, you will look much more spectacular.

5 вещей, от которых следует отказаться

Do not buy фальшивки

Many prints

Pants in floral blouson striped scarf in polka dot — this combination is invalid. The pattern on the clothes always attracts attention, so to combine them is not worth it. Select one thing with print and complement it with something monochrome, spot color.

5 вещей, от которых следует отказаться

Prints are not "friends" with each другом


Who can argue? The lace is beautiful, sexy, stylish, elegant, and now fashionable, but additionally — it's expensive. Afford dress from high quality lace can not every. But synthetic analogues of this material will immediately lose their shape, covered with hooks and spools, also show that you have no money. Better than splurging on trim — lace collar and cuffs will be a wonderful addition to the outfit.

5 вещей, от которых следует отказаться

Lace is дорого

Bright colors

You have to understand that every woman has its own color type, which is determined by the color of her hair, eyes, skin, and many other factors. Bright red dress will look spectacular on a tanned brunette, but absolutely "kill" the white-skinned girl with freckles and red hair. Pick bright colors that fit you, and it is better to choose a noble, rich tone.

5 вещей, от которых следует отказаться

Standard безвкусицы

And although the designers assure us that again today on the catwalks back 90 years, yet refrain from things acid colors. They look appropriate only in a disco, but not in everyday life.


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