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As a petite girl to be stylish

It is clear that clothing is sewn on models under 180 cm tall, but "duimovochka" do not worry. It is important to know the important secrets in their choice of clothes

Dressing nice, having high growth is an art, and takes possession of them, not every girl. Moreover, what's in store for these babies all the shelves seem to be unrealistically high, so you need to pick one thing that you will not look "elderly schoolgirl" or "hers".

Incidentally, among the "dyuymovochek" — a lot of celebrities. They are something easier: they can sew their own clothes to order. But what if you're the average resident of most of Central Russia? Here are a few rules that you need to learn the multiplication table.

Как невысокой девушке быть стильной

Low Reese Witherspoon chooses a fitted, plataform:

Allocated the waist. Putting on a dress, do not forget about the belt or just the buckle at the waist. The trick is that the legs will seem longer and you correspondingly higher.

Maybe at first glance this advice may seem strange to you, but jeans are better to wear not the ones that cover the heel and slightly cropped. And best of all — with a high waist. Stylists claim that these models are guaranteed to give a few inches of growth.

About waist high do not forget. And skirts and trousers of any cut with a high waist visually lengthen legs.

Как невысокой девушке быть стильной

Jane knows that a cropped high-waisted jeans make legs visually, delineate:

The classic Trouser suit, selected strictly on the figure — a seemingly simple part of the wardrobe, but in it you will charming.

Black is the winning color for women of small stature. Black pants give "duimovochka" visually long legs.

Long coats and cardigans, if they are on the figure, as if to pull you, even visually.

Как невысокой девушке быть стильной

Eva Longoria looks great in black, plateado:

Of course, his Majesty heel! Any — small, large, but definitely comfortable!

And finally, what not to wear girls, whose growth is not a model. The layering, ruffles and lace — a taboo. So you not only make your growth even lower, but will gain weight, even without having extra pounds.


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