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Why the stars arrive for fashion week

Journalist Zhanna Golubitskaya reports from behind the scenes of the shows and debunks myths about the main event of the fashion industry

The Milanese say: "a True Fashion born in Milan unwinds in Paris, driven around in London, then she is applauded and imitated in new York, after which she returned triumphantly home in Milan to give life to a new Fashion." We will try to debunk the most common myths and reveal the most current trends of spring-summer of 2018.

Myth 2: stars arrive to be the first to see the new collection

Since pret-a-porter is the specific designers, consumers-season, podiums are collected primarily for the audience who are professionally involved in the fashion industry — chief editor of the gloss, cloth makers, critics etc. As "wedding generals" in the form of stars invite the brands, because it's a double advertising impact. According to the tradition of celebrities come to the show inviting them designer from head to toe in his brand. During the show they fall in the lenses accredited fashion photographers, and on the streets — under the sight of the paparazzi and "streetstyle" photographers looking for interesting street "Luke" (images). In the end, famous person, for yourself creative combining clothes and accessories of the said brand fall in the tabloids as celebrity guests, fashion shows, and an interesting street looks. Of course celebrities want to be even more famous, so invitations from the fashion houses they never give up. Moreover, at the end of the show, the designers give items straight from the catwalk to media persons "walked" news on star parties, continuing promotion. Typically biased fashion week celebrities spend entirely at the expense of the inviting party. But, of course, to qualify for this honor, you need to be not only in the form and afloat, but on the ear. Best in Hollywood, in sports or even in politics.

To be continued...

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