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Fashionista crazy bums?

Milan fashion week through the eyes of a layman: journalist Zhanna Golubitskaya reports from behind the scenes of the shows and debunks the most common myths

Myth 3: fashionista are crazy bums, as "football" fans, only about fashion

Fashionista — so in Italian fashion slang are called fans of fashion of both sexes. Fashionista may not have any relation to the industry, the fashion for them is a hobby, but absorbing whole life, and that makes them sports fans. Fashionista not too lazy to hunt for your favorite brands at sales and flea markets to get dressed up and put their "bows" in the social network. They are constantly "fans" for favorite brand, follow all the news and shows of your favorites arrive at its own expense and from head to toe in "team colors" — clothing designer pet. Fashionista often become famous themselves, turning into so-called IT-girl (from Italy, IT is nothing to do with) and/or fashion bloggers. The glory of fashionista begins with the crowd at the doors of the show, where they have no invitation. But in an interesting "Luka" on the basis of the brand adored and the center of attention fotoeroticas-stralucire, habitually looking for new images is in this (yet) ticketless and nameless crowd. Fashionista get into the society pages of the fashion wick, along with stars, the only difference in the captions under photos and in the hidden effect on the brain of the reader. What gives him the caption under the photo of the paparazzi: "the Star is so we arrived at the show Gucci all Gucci"? The reader once again learns that stars wear Gucci. But the caption under the photo of stralucire: "That girl the world don't know, but how cleverly she combines things from past collections Versace to come to the show beloved fashion designer 'all in it"!". And we read between the lines that the hero of the gossip of Fashion Week could be anyone of us, do not be lazy we buy the shop products are your favorite and be them on his shows.

On the sidelines of the show biased fashion photographers share a little offended that at the end of fashion Week are famous couturier first carefully checking out the work of stralucire, and then the pictures themselves show. It turns out that it is in the 'Luki" devotees of fashionista designers draw inspiration for new ideas, reflecting on the concept of the next collection. And mainly among fashionista marketers fashion houses conduct surveys, identifying "national" preferences. Fashionista is a kind of "catalyst" brand, clearly reflecting its UPS and downs, hopes and prospects.

To be continued...

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