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"Draw" on responsible meeting

The right colours in clothing, you can easily get the location of your interlocutor

If you are going to an important meeting, you need to take care not only about the style of your outfit, but choose the correct color. To do this is to know what colors can inspire confidence in your partner or make him withdraw into themselves until the end of the conversation.

«Нарисоваться» на ответственную встречу

To impress and sincere person is the easiest to belotto: materials of press-services

White. If you want to impress a sincere and open person is what you need. White outfit will help to win over even the most strict and closed personality. You defuse the situation and get what you want.

Blue. People dressed in the colors also evoke positive emotions. Blue and its shades speak about modesty and responsibility.

Yellow, orange. These colors are associated with joy, wealth and sunshine. This outfit will attract the views, will create a positive mood. You are perceived as confident and grip person.

«Нарисоваться» на ответственную встречу

Yellow is associated with joy and bogatstvom: materials of press-services

Red. This choice is suitable for those who plan to be in the spotlight. Is the power color of confidence that can not only delight, but also annoying. If you want to get the location to yourself, you should choose softer colors.

Pink. Gentle colors calls for calm and balance even the most irritable. It reduces aggression and causes friendliness.

«Нарисоваться» на ответственную встречу

Red is power color, uverennostiu: materials of press-services

Grey. It is the color of those who choose obedience to the rules and stays neutral on the sidelines. It is a symbol of modesty and conservatism.

Green. Shades of green emphasize the serenity and cheerfulness, a willingness to cooperate. Choose the best outfit for the first negotiations.

«Нарисоваться» на ответственную встречу

Green emphasizes serenity and jizneradostnosti: materials of press-services

Brown. Stability, security and simplicity. A great choice for business meetings and conferences.

Black. It evokes special emotions, as associated with sexuality, power and confidence. This color is universal. And the little black dress is a classic for a night out.

«Нарисоваться» на ответственную встречу

Black color universalinfo: materials of press-services


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