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Winter on the nose: the main trends of the season

Famous designer Masha Tsigal — the clothes, the fashionistas can not do in the coming months

Red — beautiful

Not a single fashion show this season was not without the red accent. This sexy and aggressive-dynamic color not slow down the momentum in the cold season. Wear it in the office (red pantsuits, pencil skirts, dresses-cases, fitted blazers), and of course, to go out. I especially recommend to combine red velvet: noble velvet and corduroy, and even in all shades of red, a fail — safe choice for evening events.

Зима на носу: главные тренды этого сезона

Emphasize, pelecypoda: materials of press-services


I noticed on the catwalks the bulk of coats and other outerwear are presented with a powerful shoulder pads, as in the days of our beloved mothers and grandmothers. Moreover, sometimes designers also add "fuel to the fire", focusing on the shoulders using additional decorative elements, giving the volume.

Зима на носу: главные тренды этого сезона

No, jeans are not aboutsite: materials of press-services

Denim out of the competition

And it is not necessarily a classic blue. At the peak of a dark blue, gray, blue and black colors. It is not forbidden to combine shirt and denim pants, and the colors can be the same or radically different.

Зима на носу: главные тренды этого сезона

Things "from the man's shoulder" - in traindepot: materials of press-services

From the man's shoulder

Trouser suit on a fragile female figure is still perceived as a Manifesto or protest. Or rather, perceived. Because now this trend promises to become trendy. Things "from the man's shoulder" all the rules must sit like a glove, not going the extra folds, not constraining movements and given the characteristics of the female figure.


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