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7 ways to make shoes more comfortable will tell you how to stretch shoes to the desired size or to whiten old sneakers

Footwear is an important part of our wardrobe, where you can not save. But there are situations when a pair of shoes from the first minutes of fitting seems perfect, but after the purchase is too small and uncomfortable. We will explain how to deal with similar problems, so the acquisition does not gather dust on the shelves of the Cabinet.

Bleach the soles. Toothpaste will make your white sneakers. RUB with paste sole and carefully brush. To whiten cloth, RUB into the pasta and rinse in a few minutes.

Returns for shoes freshness. Pour a little soda into the shoes and leave for a few hours. It will absorb odors. In the end I just shake the baking soda from the boots and clean the insole with the brush.

Cleaning suede shoes. Scratches and dirt on suede are cleaned with an ordinary nail file for manicure. Pre-clean soiled surface with a dry cloth, the power trowel is a place with a nail file. Satilite traces gently, without effort.

To remove the greasy residue you will need oat flour. Grate it from the contaminated area and leave for half an hour. Swipe the remnants of flour with a piece of cloth.

Return the Shine to patent leather shoes. For this you will need the vaseline. They RUB the lacquer surface of the Shoe. In places with scratches, RUB the tool harder.

Tie shoes. To stretch the shoes to help the dryer to dry your hair. Wear warm socks, shoes and warm them with a stream of air in a mode of hot drying.

It can also be done with the cold. For this you will need 2 packages of clasps. Fill them with water and place in the toes of shoes. Leave your shoes in the freezer overnight. In the morning, put it in some warm that the ice melted.


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