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Mink coat: how not to fall for the fake

Practical tips that will help to distinguish mink from fur of other animals

If you plan on buying a mink coat, you should know how to distinguish real fur from more than a cheap knockoff.

Pile mink coat is the same length , unlike the Groundhog, in which the length of the pile is different.

Move your hand over the fur against its growth. If the pile has not returned to its original position, and left shaggy, so it's a Groundhog.

The burrow of the rabbit, too, just to distinguish rabbit is much softer and has a light down.

Mink fur has a uniform color throughout its length. If the down lighter than the tips, so it's honoric.

If on the wrong side of the fur is attached to fabric, it has an artificial origin.

The product is made of mink glitters and shimmers. If the pile is dim — before you fake.

Before you buy fur, you have every right to ask the seller a certificate of quality. If a document is missing, you should choose a different store.


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