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It's all about the hat: Elena Sparrow has shared his hobby

A considerable part of a large dressing room of the actress reserved for hats. It turns out that for decades it collects a variety of hats. considered the most original

"To collect hats, I started as a student. The first headpiece of the future collection I purchased in an antique shop when I was in St. Petersburg at the theatre Academy. Saving a few cents on scholarship, I decided to spend them not for food, but for such an unusual purchase — an old bowler hat of the early twentieth century. Then I had the cylinder, then the Gibus. Later, I met the designer Irina Gatineu, and in my collection there are several state of the art headgear, in particular baseball cap with the doll, which has long been my favorite.

Все дело в шляпе: Елена Воробей поделилась своим хобби

Elena Sparrow wears hats in everyday life, and Scanitto: materials of press-services

One day during fashion Week I visited the exhibition of hats, where she couldn't leave without buying. And when vacationing in Jamaica, found it very interesting specimen, a woven straw hat. Of course, it looked very unusual. Generally a person who made it for doing that weave figures of different animals, and the hat he was wearing, and then had to persuade him to make me one like this for double the price.

Все дело в шляпе: Елена Воробей поделилась своим хобби

When I first saw the collection Igor Gulyaev with my own eyes, I had an aesthetic shock – so much so stunningly beautiful was it, spkidata: materials of press-services

Visiting some circus show, I saw a strange cylinder, from which arose a flame. I later learned that this trick can be bought, and so I had a burning hat", — says Elena Sparrow.

Все дело в шляпе: Елена Воробей поделилась своим хобби

Even in the field Elena Sparrow not deny yourself the pleasure to wear a fancy hat, which clearly distinguishes its owner from the rest of gribnikov: materials of press-services

"I always dreamed about a hat from the past, and it so happened that in St. Petersburg on Mokhovaya street, next door to my second Alma mater Lytic there were several antique shops. Unfortunately, the money set aside from scholarships, the future of the theatre the actress was only enough on the old cylinder with a hole. But I still bought it because dreams can come true! And by the way, it has served me well in it and a boa from the washcloths I received the audience award at the actor's song contest named after Andrey Mironov in 1992".


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