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Valeria Kozhevnikov: "new year's eve — a time when we can afford experiments"

Don't know what outfit and makeup to choose for a festive night? The actress along with artist Camille Kashina and stylist Cristina Lisovets picked up three fashionable image for the New year

"I prefer bright new year images, allowing you to stand out, especially since it is the one holiday where you can afford a little experimentation," says Valery Kozhevnikov.

Image No. 1

Fringe — bright finishing element that attracts attention, the actual trend of the season. The dynamics of the delight of the uniform undulations, and in statics — the original design of items of clothing. It is the brightness of the decor imposes stylistic constraints on the whole look, demanding of simplicity and minimalism in the rest of the outfit. We chose a black bustier, opening the chest and shoulders in order to balance with a bulky jacket, and cherry wide trousers with high waist and leg-elongating. To add the image a little disco, wearing gold earrings of metallic fabric.

Валерия Кожевникова: «Новогодняя ночь — то время, когда можно позволить эксперименты»

Image No. 1Фото: Ekaterina Frolova

Image No. 2

Paillettes — the actual trend of the season. As for the colors, there are fashionable black, gold, silver, copper and purple. We chose a bold mini-dress, but simplified image of a sloppy tail and a modest black arrow. Shine, but do not overdo it! This image suitable for noisy parties and dances.

Валерия Кожевникова: «Новогодняя ночь — то время, когда можно позволить эксперименты»

Image No. 2photo: Ekaterina Frolova

Image No. 3

Silk top-hand and a long metal skirt with crystals — a great alternative to a dress on the floor. To not look too formal, we created a bright smoky eyes in purple tones in the color of the top and beam style j-Lo. And added earrings-rings deliberately large in size. Other decorations can be safely discontinued — not to compete with the Christmas tree. The metal skirt and earrings to cope with his mission to draw attention to their mistress and call her the Queen of the festive night!

Валерия Кожевникова: «Новогодняя ночь — то время, когда можно позволить эксперименты»

Image No. 3Фото: Ekaterina Frolova

Beauty advice from Valerie Kozhevnikova:

"The thirty-first of December, I, as in the famous film, go to the bath. But not to pretty to drink with friends to bring the body and the skin. In addition to bathing I will do a coffee scrub and honey wrap, drop in the ice bath. After such procedures the skin becomes taut and silky". But in General my face is part of my profession, and it is important to keep it alive. Therefore, no Botox, fillers and gels. Visit the office of a cosmetologist just for the sake of professional care and manual massage of the face. At home using creams, masks, skarbamy on a natural basis, with a minimal shelf life and only in the fridge'.

Валерия Кожевникова: «Новогодняя ночь — то время, когда можно позволить эксперименты»

Camilla Casinofoto: materials of press-services

Beauty advice from make-up artist Camilla Kashina:

"New year's eve is the holiday when we can safely experiment with makeup using bright lipstick, adding glitter and highlighter. Look great glossy eye liner blue, bronze, wine-red, they can be used separately in the form of arrows on the lower or upper eyelid, and put a highlight around the lash line to smoky eyes. Bright lipstick always gives the makeup the evening and finished look. While we have for many years advised that the focus should be on one thing — either the eyes or the lips, and now we can safely forget. Especially during the holidays, the more new year's eve can safely do and smoky eyes, and lips saturated colors. This year you can select the wine color as an alternative to red. Don't forget that by choosing the accents to your image, you need to remember that if you choose a bright dress in sequin (as we showed in the first image), the hair and make up recommend easier and relaxed, suitable high ponytail or a fashionable messy bun. In makeup focus on radiant skin, the arrows emphasize the classic eye line, select glossy, but not bright colors of lipsticks".


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