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How to wash down jacket

Some useful tips on caring for this practical outerwear

For many of us, no winter is not complete without this cozy bubble jacket. To serve long and look like new, it should be properly washed. These tips will help to clean the jacket without expensive dry cleaning in your washing machine.

Before laying down the drum of the washing machine have to fasten all the zippers, remove the fur and turn garment inside out.

Erased outerwear apart from other things.

In no case do not wash down the powder. He can slide down. And rinse it until the end extremely difficult. Use only liquid detergent.

Do not wash it in hot water. Optimum temperature is 30 degrees. Choose the soft washing mode. You should rinse 3-4 times.

In order for the down not huddled in separate clumps, the drum is placed a special weight balls. If not, fit an ordinary tennis balls.

Dry down jacket on the street or balcony. Keep it away from heaters.

Periodically shake down for drying. Then it will be soft and will remain the same shape.


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