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The secrets of proper shopping: how to behave on sales

In January comes a time when shopping from a regular hunting turns into a real fight with car chases, raids, and ritual killings and brutal fights. After starting seasonal sales. advises on how to be prepared

Experienced Artemis and the Phoebes have long ago figured out the algorithm of preparation for shopping battle. A week before the start of sales we need to get out to investigate. It is best to occupy the more expensive stores — the catch was juicier. In a half-empty boutiques you can leisurely try any thing, for her to find the appropriate accessory and sandals in color. Here the main principle — not to give in to the temptation to buy on the spot, particularly pleasurable dress. Because the most important thing ahead.

The hour "x" is coming in January. Please note the outfit — no heels, high platform soles and heels. Remember: you will have a difficult day.

Should prepare for the fact that those who like to buy things with 50, and if you're lucky, and 70 percent discount, a few thousand. And they are all in orderly rows, like you, will try to get to the shops. Only they are all the same orderly will take place in the fitting rooms. And you (visionary girl!) this stage is easily discarded. Because already know: in this Department (just yesterday, for an hour staring in the mirror) hanging the suit of your dreams, but this top (I measure as much as four times), with all its heavenly beauty, you have some reason not talking.

The most attractive shopping cities are still considered Milan, Paris and London. Recently this list includes the middle East jewel of Dubai.

Секреты правильного шопинга: как вести себя на распродажах

During the sales things you can buy with the 50, and if you're lucky, and 70 percent of stickoutt:

Do you remember how it all began

The ancestor of the shopping is considered to be an American Barbara Zielinski. One day her husband with a stopwatch in hand fixed: it is not a small salary Barbara managed to spend 2 minutes 34 seconds. Later, she broke his record, bringing the result to 1 minute 55 seconds. Blessed hastened to get rid of his wife-spender, and Barbara earned a lot of money, releasing several benefits of "Shopping and treatment of female hereditary diseases", "Shopping and the crisis of social identity", "Shopping and modern religious movements", "Shopping today: all men are bastards!"

We can say that it was after these works even psychologists have confirmed: passion for shopping is akin to a disease. Today shopping treat. So, in the town of Bolzano there is an Italian society for the treatment of obsessive disorders. There is treated about a hundred people dependent erotic chat, about thirty workaholics and over seventy shoppers.

However, maybe we don't have doctors so zealous? According to research by American sociologists, women who shop about 20 hours a week and spend over $ 200 for the trip, much leaner, stronger and healthier women who make purchases less frequently. Besides, shopping lovers less wrinkles, they look younger, have higher energy levels.


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