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Rules of shopping: don't become a victim of sales

Psychologist-psychotherapist and hypnology Olesya Fomin tells how to avoid buying unnecessary things

Make a list of necessary purchases

According to sociological research, people buy approximately forty percent fewer unnecessary things if they have pre-made shopping list. In my head flashed the thought: "I will return to these shelves once, buy right". But most often after purchase need to the first display is not returned.

Only pay in cash

The use of credit cards can lead to the fact that you don't notice how much was eventually spent. In order to save take a limited amount of money. Knowing your allowance, you will not throw everything under the influence zasypnyh slogans and alluring price tags, and soberly weigh what is important to you from the whole range for the shares.

Come with a man — he knows how to stop

As a rule, sales are focused on women. For them, spread product in a certain way: at the level of the eyes of a woman of average height is the draft information, lighting, color scheme, etc. Men, and on other days do not favor going shopping, and in the sales periods for them it is the punishment from heaven. Accompanying you, they will not let you stay long in the store.

Правила шопинга: не становитесь жертвой распродаж

Olesya, Familyfoto: materials of press-services

Pay attention to the quality of the thing

During the sales things are tried much harder because of small parts, whether buttons, zippers, sequins, torn or broken. Even before the cashier can see these cons and just put the goods.

Stop by the office and check the contents of the basket

In the heat of shopping, you will surely gain a lot of unnecessary things and triumphal would take them to the checkout. There is a little trick: pull the time to pay for the purchase, the level of hormone in the blood may decline, and you're absolutely on-to another will look on your choice. Also recommended approaching the checkout, to review potential items of your wardrobe. The second look is always a more sober and rational.

Don't be tempted by things not of its size

If you buy thinking that you will lose weight or, on the contrary, recover, as a rule, these things then gathering dust in a closet, even if they loved you at the time of purchase. Also better to stop buying things that don't fit in the closet or who do not what to combine. Take a picture of your wardrobe and wear the camera in your phone, check it with a selected shop it often helps.


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