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The most fashionable hats this winter

February is considered the coldest month, therefore, strictly forbidden to go outside without a hat. Designer Miroslav Shvedova told which of them will allow you to be in trend

Classic knitted hats

This is the basic and the most practical option for your wardrobe that will suit many looks. The cap of such a design close your ears and keep you warm in bad weather. It may be, or to pull the eye, or make a forehead more open. To vary fit you depending on your wishes.


A great choice for those who want to stand out from the gray crowd, to amuse themselves and others, to emphasize their youth. These hats have a different shape and fit, and they decorated the muzzles of various animals.

Самые модные шапки этой зимы

Hats-turbans - for extravagant sovfoto:

Volume knitted hats-turbans

This model came to us from the East and managed to conquer the hearts of fashionistas. These caps can be worn with a fitted coat or coats of different styles. They can be decorated with stones, rhinestones or a brooch. However, remember that turbans do require a certain boldness and extravagance from its owner.

Fur hat

Is the case when the cap is always in trend. It can be made from natural or artificial fur, various volumes and shapes. Color is better to choose natural shades.

Самые модные шапки этой зимы

Berets again in Moderato: WWW.PRADA.COM


This winter berets decorated with all sorts of patterns, ornaments and surround colors that significantly change the headgear from the classic to the more mysterious and unusual.

Hat with POM-poms

Fashion model for several seasons. And the present is no exception. Pompons may be several, in various sizes and colors. They need not be in the tone of the cap.

Самые модные шапки этой зимы

Snudy very comfortable in ispolzovaniye:


In addition to the warmth and comfort this hat is very easy to use. In its form it resembles the hood, and allows you to remove and put on quickly without damaging hair. Combine hats-scarves can be elegant coats and coats, sports and casual jackets.


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