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5 stylist tips to wear a pencil skirt

This basic thing should be in every wardrobe

If you think that pencil skirt is only suitable for the office and can only be grey or black, then you are sorely mistaken. With the help of this part of the wardrobe, you can create a set of images. It's a universal thing — she cuts a figure not shorten the legs, reduces the growth. Just need to find it!

Tip # 1

Pencil skirt and a silk top or lightweight blouse. If you top make it an elegant jacket, it's a pretty well to appear anywhere in the evening. Add statement earrings, a clutch and pumps for a cocktail look is ready.

5 советов стилиста, с чем надеть юбку-карандаш

Top work evening наряд

Tip # 2

Pencil skirt and chunky knit. Feminine and warm — a wonderful outfit for winter. Complete the style with ankle boots or thick-soled shoes. Play on the contrast of sport and elegance.

5 советов стилиста, с чем надеть юбку-карандаш

Sweater or turtleneck will add уюта

Tip # 3

Pencil skirt, sweatshirt and shirt. You can limit and just switchtm will result in hooliganism. If you wear it under your shirt, then her cuffs, collar and hem should look.

5 советов стилиста, с чем надеть юбку-карандаш

Who said that the shirt is скучно?

Tip # 4

Pencil skirt, shirt, biker jacket or sports jacket. The skirt can be of bright or textured fabrics. On his feet in this combination look good sneakers. You get quite relaxed, but at the same time a discreet way.

5 советов стилиста, с чем надеть юбку-карандаш

The sporty style will add хулиганства

Tip # 5

Pencil skirt and t-shirt with the slogan. This daring set. Can complement this pair with a biker jacket, ankle boots.

5 советов стилиста, с чем надеть юбку-карандаш

Color and texture can be любыми


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