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Valeria Kozhevnikov: "you Need to prove to your other half that you are the one that wants to confess his love»

Popular actress together with artist Camille Kashina and stylist Nadia Smirnova picked up options for every taste that will become a beautiful Declaration of love and will not leave your mate indifferent

Before the main holiday of all lovers just one day, so, on the agenda only one question: "What way to choose on a date with her lover?»

"In my opinion, Valentine's Day is another occasion to Express your feelings and remind your other half that love in your heart is not cooled, — said Valeriy Kozhevnikov. — Although I believe that for lovers — every day is a holiday. My husband loves to give me surprises in the form of a touching and romantic dates, regardless of holidays. Of course, in this day we girls just have to look incredibly beautiful, once again to prove to him that before him is the one that wants to confess his love again and again or maybe for the first time... But if you are alone, you especially choose a bold and forward, toward adventure, perhaps you will find what you are looking for this day".

"The choice of the image depends on the scenario of the meeting tete-a-tete. To produce the right impression and drive him crazy — quite possible, given some simple but crucial rules for success. The makeup is not overdoing it, emphasize your strengths, do not forget about the enchanting aroma and beautiful lingerie — then the choice depends on the temperament of your relationship and dresses for the event. And choosing the right shoes is able to control the mood and even change in nature: there is nothing more important for a lady than confidence in their attractiveness, impeccable style and beauty," says stylist nadinasmirnova.

Валерия Кожевникова: «Нужно доказать своей второй половинке, что вы — именно та, которой хочется признаваться в любви»

Photo: Katya Frolova

Time of tenderness

Traditional shades of Valentines Day are considered pink is the color of dreams, of hope and tenderness. It creates a carefree, young and charming image. These colors fit the romantic natures.

Валерия Кожевникова: «Нужно доказать своей второй половинке, что вы — именно та, которой хочется признаваться в любви»

Photo: Katya Frolova

Guiding star

Be like the stars in sparkly dresses with flounces or accentuate the curves of the figure, body-hugging dresses with sparkling sequins. Such an image requires special courage, but the effect produces a stunning.

Валерия Кожевникова: «Нужно доказать своей второй половинке, что вы — именно та, которой хочется признаваться в любви»

Photo: Katya Frolova

The heart is not waiting for

Seductive and daring image of a beautiful relationship, creates the perfect festive atmosphere, and the air is filled with vivid emotion and sensual passion.

A few tips from makeup artist Camille Cascina how to complement the images with the help of hair and makeup:

"In this matter everything will depend on the impression you want to make, but also from the expectations of your loved one and, in fact, the meeting place.

The first option is perfect for all occasions! Make creamy smoky eyes, bright paint eyelashes, choose a natural highlighter and peachy blush. Add bronze or steel kajal along the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid instead of black. This technique defines eye shape and adds an attractive depth to your look.

A perfect classic version of makeup with red lipstick. Choose fire resistant lipstick, and lip liner darker tone to emphasize the shape and give extra volume and contrast. Top lid made out of gold glitter eye shadow and added a thin arrow on the lash line. Finally, an alternative and probably the most ambitious make — up is smoky eyes "cat's eye". The secret of this spectacular makeover in the form of a drawing of shadows: apply a dark shade all over the eyelid and outer corner and shaded tie up slightly, as if drawing an arrow, but shadows. To emphasize this form, make a black pencil on the mucosa of the upper loop, repeating the direction of the shadows. On the lips apply clear gloss for volume and a slight glow on the cheekbones. As for the hair, the attractive blow-out — your shiny hair! If you have long hair, it is sufficient to dry them to a brush with a Hairdryer and moisturize the ends for Shine. The red lipstick will suit assembled elegant beam with an oblique parting, for the third image with smoky eyes the "cat's eye" quite casually curl wave and leave the ends straight to give an impetus to the whole image".


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