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Lora Reznikova: "Today's sneakers!"

The actress said on trends in Shoe fashion and what you should pay attention when buying a "his" pair

Lora Reznikov, which is still remembered for his roles attractive vampire from the "Fifth guards" and the psychologist from "Witnesses", a real Shopaholic. At her house — a few dozen pairs of shoes. In anticipation of the main women's day Laura told that is the trend today fashion Shoe and what to look for when buying "his" pair.

— Absolutely. perfectly pumps flesh-colored or slightly darker skin color. Second on the list of versatility for me sandals color silver or gold metallic. Well, all bright and dark toilets, of course, well "friends" worn with black.

Лора Резникова: «Сегодня как никогда актуальны кроссовки!»

Shoes Nude, universalremote:

Colored shoes — the more sensitive issue because it requires matching with the color of clothing, especially if it is a combination of plain and colored materials. However, these shoes look just fabulous, and for this effect, you can sacrifice their versatility.

And still as relevant today as ever running shoes! Good, simple, old-fashioned vivid details and decor sneakers — the perfect "after party" for those tired of the heels of the feet. Or an unusual and stylish addition to any outfit.

An alternative to the classic pumps can be shoes with strap around the ankle or with open toes. They are quite strict and laconic to match and with a strong suit, with evening dress.

Лора Резникова: «Сегодня как никогда актуальны кроссовки!»

Color of shoes is more delicate, saprofita:

Very desirable at least one pair of shoes or sandals with the "craziness". Whether it's daring shoes with fringe, floral print, the unusual design of heel — no matter how important to reflect the mood, the fit and came to along. Red pumps stiletto heels may well be this element of "craziness": if you wear them with jeans and a jacket, get stylish expressive way relaxed and a little dangerous ladies.

If you want to look stunning and feel confident and comfortable, useful pair of shoes on a wide heel. It again came into fashion this year — as a massive heel and poluchili, which is a little thicker than the classic stilettos and a little shorter. And, of course, can not forget about the wedges! For active days, I choose a low heel, but for an evening out, will fit a height of 8-10 cm.

Лора Резникова: «Сегодня как никогда актуальны кроссовки!»

And versatile material is cosatto: Anastasia Tregubova

With regard to materials, the most universal, I think, is the skin. Patent leather rarely looks elegant and is not for everyone. Suede, very bright, very beautiful, but impractical. However, to have in the wardrobe at least a pair of suede shoes is necessary, even if you wear it you will only once a season.


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