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Sun in cold water: how to choose the "right" yellow

Accessories egg white, amber and lemon shades will help, if not yet warm enough.

If you ask people on the street, what color they are associated with joy and happiness, the majority without hesitation will answer: yellow! Indeed, it is filled with positive emotions, drive and energy. In General, just those qualities which in the winter we missed.

Солнце в холодной воде: как выбрать «правильный» желтый

Yellow is samfoto:

Yellow color in clothing in ancient times was a lot of favorites thanks to its brightness. He immediately singled out one person in a crowd.

Солнце в холодной воде: как выбрать «правильный» желтый

Blouse, GUCCIФото: materials of press-services

Also want to emphasize their individuality? You know: yellow is the most important thing is not to miscalculate with a choice of colors.

Солнце в холодной воде: как выбрать «правильный» желтый

Sleepers, Charlotte OlympiaФото: materials of press-services

Cold colortype more suitable cool shades of this color (pear, lemon, and Chartreuse), and warm is to choose egg white, amber, wheat and mustard.

Солнце в холодной воде: как выбрать «правильный» желтый

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