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Designer Alexander Vanyushina dressed employees of the company

The founder of the brand AV creative designer Alexander Vanyushina formed a new revolutionary office style, which is liked by business women, tired daily to dress in plain work clothes

She suggested business wardrobe, where elegance in harmony with edgy details. In the new collections of the brand, there are various fashionable ensembles that make the image of a business woman interesting, gives you confidence and emphasizing business acumen.

Office Mail.Ru Group sparkle with new colors

To demonstrate restraint as the office dress code can simply combine elegance and colourful details, the brand Aleksandra Vanushina together with the largest Russian Internet company Mail.Ru Group has launched a new unique project "Creative office". Heroines of the project are not models, and employee of the company.

In new business the images of the employees there is nothing superfluous, and contrary to the dress code. All the case beautiful and elegant fabrics, the quality of cuts, the combination of the base color and vivid details.

"Creativeallies" — a design project that promises to be a trend!

Как дизайнер Александра Ванюшина переодела сотрудниц компании

The project was relevant brand Aleksandra Vanushina, which takes office style to a whole new level! Apparently, the transformation of office style will soon affect many companies, as girls and women are unlikely to want to put up with their really boring work clothes when there is an opportunity to look fabulous, while not breaking the rules of business style.

This design team has two very significant competitive advantages — a stunning creative, prepodnosyaschy with all the rules sense of style, and affordability to products premium. The brand operates in the segment of middle-up of the fashion industry.

Looking surprised, admire! Going on shopping for a stylish office clothes, do not forget that it can now be elegantly bright! The one about which You dreamed.



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