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5 little things that make your look sloppy

It is not enough just to dress clean and neat

Wrinkled clothes

Of course, the purity of your blouses will not cause any doubts, then you obviously got out of the washing machine before leaving the house. It is difficult, for example, in the case of natural fabrics, and the clothes need Ironing. Proceed to Ironing cotton shirts do when they are not dry to the end. Or a few minutes beforehand, place them in a wet plastic bag — so it will go easier.

5 мелочей, которые делают ваш вид неряшливым

Choose crease-resistant ткани

Faded white

Things in this color look very advantageous, but care for them difficult. "Aged" and even zastiranny white spoils the whole image. Such clothes should be washed separately. Do not put it in the machine along with the linens, as during rinsing, it may lose fiber, which does not affect the outfits. Use bleach.

5 мелочей, которые делают ваш вид неряшливым

White should remain белым

Shabby varnish

Better to have no nail Polish than the chipped coating. Peeling the tips of the nails look just awful.

5 мелочей, которые делают ваш вид неряшливым

Watch ногтями

Pants don't fit

"The main thing that the suit sat!". Short pants look very stubby and long, on the contrary, if you bought them big. Tackles not an option, they also look sloppy. So think in advance what height heel you'll wear the jeans.

5 мелочей, которые делают ваш вид неряшливым

Buy pants right длинны

Wool on things

Pets bring us not only joy but a hassle. Even if you keep the skirt in a closed Cabinet and put it on before leaving the house, a couple hairs may still stick. Don't ignore sticky roller for cleaning clothes.

5 мелочей, которые делают ваш вид неряшливым

Let the coat of your pet remains дома


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