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Cashmere: why is it so expensive and how to choose — how to join the secret society in which you are already Madonna, Uma Thurman, brad pitt, members of the political elite and just connoisseurs of comfort

If you have reached a certain material well-being or feel like a successful person regardless of the status of your Bank account, sooner or later, your closet will appear a product of cashmere. Cashmere carries all the signs of "modest charm of bourgeoisie". It is comfortable, like Shoe shoes, bespoke shoemaker known. It is reliable, as made on the oldest Swiss watch factory, noble, like the classic cut tailored suit, and he steadily expensive. However, in recent years, cashmere has become an extremely fashionable material: they are interested in all leading fashion houses on both sides of the ocean. This fact may somewhat impair his strict spotless reputation, but in no way will not change his public position, and it's definitely high cost.

Кашемир: почему так дорого и как правильно выбрать

Things made of cashmere, called the second cosatto:

How much is in grams?

The first thing that normally interests the purchaser who has never faced cashmere — why so expensive? To answer this question, without getting into the details of production, impossible. A significant part of the capital "buried" in a particularly valuable commodity. It is obtained only from a certain breed of goat — Carpa Hircus. These goats are too little, and they live in Tibet, in Mongolia and in inner Mongolia, which is part of China. However, Carpa Hircus is still there in Afghanistan and Iran, as well as in the Indian state of Kashmir, but their fluff has such a value as one that can be obtained from their Mongolian and Chinese relatives.

The fact is that the relatives of the much more lucky with the climate. The main requirement to the weather, in this case a strong temperature difference in winter and summer: you want the thermometer fell to forty degrees below zero in January and rose above forty in July. If, for example, issued a winter not cold enough, a year certainly can be considered as lean — down will be less, and the quality will decrease. And for the buyer a bad year — a sure sign that the price of cashmere will jump by twenty percent or thirty.

Goats have two undercoat: the top coarse and fine bottom. For the production of cashmere, using only the thin lower down: ideally, its thickness should be about 15-16 microns. If it is thicker than at least one micron, is already significantly affect the quality of the product. Only in primary treatment of raw materials, half of it goes to waste. Then it starts sorting by the length of the fluff. As a result, one goat get not more than 200 grams of down. And in order to bind one men's sweater you need to feed and grow for about eight goats.

Кашемир: почему так дорого и как правильно выбрать

Cashmere is the down (undercoat) high costto:

Of course, precious Mongolian goats, meditating on mountain slopes, occasionally the envy of foreign speculators. Goats repeatedly tried to export to other countries — Scotland, Australia, New Zealand. But forced migration invariably ended in failure: far away from home, the animals mutated, and their fluff with catastrophic speed, lost all its valuable properties.

Star material

So what is this properties, so that cashmere products literally "hooked" pop stars, Prime Ministers and ordinary owners of factories, Newspapers, steamships? Explain. Cashmere almost six times warmer than usual fleece — despite the fact that it is much thinner and softer. And a thick cashmere sweater — that is sweetened with sugar Astrakhan watermelon: it can replace the woolen coat. The cashmere is perfectly suited for the expression "second skin": it has a very useful feature to adjust the heat exchange and cause allergic reactions. In winter it is not cold and summer is not hot.

It would seem that such an ideal in all respects material must be particularly respectful treatment. Really cashmere have a friendly disposition: he condescendingly refers to machine washing (though it is better to use a sparing modes), not deformed, not rolled, and is at least ten years. Say, brad pitt, on learning of the characteristics of cashmere in the store could not refrain from exclaiming, "for So long? Yes, I won't live that long!"

Кашемир: почему так дорого и как правильно выбрать

Madonna is among the fans of casemurate:

How to choose

When it comes to such an important investment as the purchase of cashmere, to treat it is with full responsibility. If cashmere is too fluffy — that's a pretty serious reason to think. Another is to consider that the products of lightweight and loose cashmere, despite the spectacular appearance, tend to gradually lose shape. In General, the quality of the cashmere is most often defined by the name of its manufacturer. Now almost all fashion houses include in their collections line of products from cashmere. Still, cashmere is best to buy from of those on it spetsializiruetsya.

The most famous processing and manufacturing cashmere is based in Italy and Scotland. And in recent years, the palm is still passed to the Italians who are famous for high technology. Besides, they say that as soon as the cashmere was in the hands of the Italians, he was slowly but surely transformed from "noble classics" in fashion. Although it is not the fashion in the usual sense of the word. Philosophy brands that spetsializiruyutsya on the cashmere -- that a man was comfortable and cozy. Things made of cashmere — not pretentious, like things from the fashion designer, but rest assured, they are always seen a mile away.

Start small

So, how to join the secret society of the "lovers of cashmere", which are already Madonna, Uma Thurman, brad pitt, members of the political elite and just connoisseurs of comfort? For starters, you can buy a plain turtleneck or sweater. And then you yourself will not notice how "hooked" on cashmere. Your collection will be replenished with new copies, and you will start with enthusiasm to tell you that there is nothing more you wear.


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