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Four way red carpet

In the season of film festivals and awards designer of Anika Kerimov picked up outfits for the publication, which demonstrated a popular actress Anastasia Makeeva

This dress shade, cherry-tomatoes, close-fitting, double-layered, sheer mesh top with polka dots is a hit of the season and perfect for going out. Silver evening clutch bag with glass beads perfectly complement the image.

Makeup done in the nude. On the eyelid apply a light powdery shadows, and the external angle dimmable brown shadows and matte black supplemented by a light arrow. The bottom of the eye also emphasize the brown shadows. Eyelashes are painted brown ink. For cheeks, apply peach blush. Completing the image of red lipstick.

Четыре образа для красной дорожки

Anastasia Matematico: Gennady Avramenko

A bright blue floor-length dress, a fitted waist and hip, flaring, perfectly emphasizes the slim figure. The fragility and the femininity it gives finish tonal lace. Clutch made of textured leather in black with gold trim perfectly complement the image.

For this image make more intense eye makeup. On the inner corner of the eye apply black arrow and paint the lashes with black mascara. For the ideal tone of the face is perfect mineral powder. On the top of the cheekbones, apply a neutral highlighter and the bottom a dark powder. For eyebrows, use a brown shadow. For lips — lipstick pink hue.

Четыре образа для красной дорожки

Anastasia Matematico: Gennady Avramenko

Silk dress with fashionable yellow hue looks feminine and elegant. The striking neckline of the dress emphasizes the beauty of the figure, visually lengthens the neck and makes it more graceful. The overall picture harmoniously complements the clutch of the combined two-tone leather.

For this image, use dark eye makeup, dark kajal input arrow, bright paint lashes black with mascara. To give volume to the eyelashes and expressive eyes glued beams eyelashes. Summing eyebrow brown pencil. Use a Foundation close to the color of their skin. Cheekbones allocated a bronze powder and a light highlighter. On the lips apply lipstick peach color.

Четыре образа для красной дорожки

Anastasia Matematico: Gennady Avramenko

Lace sheath dress, classic black color, fully embroidered with beads and sequins, perfectly underlines the figure and looks incredibly luxurious. The image was supplemented black clutch bag right-angle shapes with glass beads.

For this image used makeup in the style of smoky eyes. The eyelid was covered with dark shadows, then brought the arrow to the growth of the eyelashes. The tone matched the color of the skin. On the top of the cheekbones, apply a light highlighter. Lips are light, slightly highlighted with pink lipstick.

Четыре образа для красной дорожки

Anastasia Matematico: Gennady Avramenko

Anastasia Makeeva:

"When choosing dresses always look on the fabric from which it is sewn. It is very important to me. I also like feminine I like that I picked up Anika. In General, like things with the long Maxi and the combination of unusual colors and textures. It gives zest to the brand."

Designer Anika Kerimov:

"I like to pick images for Anastasia, she has a bright appearance, which we emphasized with bright colors, decorations and accessories that are relevant in this season."

Четыре образа для красной дорожки

Anastasia Makeeva and Anika, Crimewatch: Gennady Avramenko

Tips makeup artists

To create the right makeup for the red carpet, everyone from make up artists have their secrets. If you add up their knowledge, in General, the recommendations are as follows:

To prepare the skin. About a day before the ceremony is to make a mask on T-zone. It starts to Shine first thing in the light of flashbulbs and clay perfectly absorbs excess sebum.
To abandon make-up. Don't be carried away by the dense textures: skin imperfections so you still to the end do not hide, but the face in the photo might look like a mask. Better to start to use a moisturising fluid, then apply a concealer on the areas that need to be tweaked, then concealer transparent texture. In Foundation you can add a drop of argan oil — this will help to align the light reflection from bright lights.

To say no to a powder with light reflecting particles. We all remember the photo with Angelina Jolie, when the spotlight her cheekbones suddenly seemed covered in flour. Makeup artist to the stars did not realize that the makeup that looks great in the daylight, the flash will turn into absurdity. So stay away from beauty products with light-reflecting particles.

To make the hair glow. Shimmering powder would look great on the hair, adding Shine and radiance. Or you can just add gloss to styling products.

Choose the right lipstick. Many celebrities prefer bright red lips for the ceremony. And rightly so: in this case, her lips look fuller and teeth whiter. But lipstick an orange or brownish tint under illumination, in contrast, gives the teeth a yellow.


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